8/29 - RIP Possie -

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Chris you fucking moron. This is why no one trusts him with animals. I’m not trying to be mad here but this needs to stop. This was a case of total negligence. He has no money for legos so how is he supposed to get an animal to the vet?

Autists are often good with animals because they're not as difficult to understand as people.

This is yet another example of why Chris is just a piece of shit. He lets animals die because he's just such a narcissistic dick he has no time for anyone or anything but himself, and if a kitty has to die, his Legos are more important.


Why is this idiot even allowed to have pets, if can't even pay his mortgage?
Here's the thing. Patti and the early Chandler Cats had decent, if not perfectly normal lives. That was mostly in part because Bob likely had some sort of order over Chris to have him take routine care of the animals with him. After Bob died, Barb had to basically pick up Bob's duty of telling Chris to take care of the pets all by himself. Barb, probably not having that much experience with pets once she became obese, just told Chris to get chicken soup for Clover and Snoopy because "it has protein" or some shit that Chris likely took to heart and did lest he be on the receiving end of one of Barb's psychotic episodes. Keep in mind Barb was likely the one that decided to steal a neighbor's dog because "having escaped a leash = horrible pet owner".

Without at least a level-headed person keeping Chris, and to a greater extent, Barb, from doing something borderline endangering to their pets, it's a free-for-all.

As for why he still has pets even if he can't pay the bills with out begging, Chris...really has never been without a pet. They've been part of his life ever since he was little. These cats are the only real thing outside of Barb that openly give him affection. As long as Chris keeps finding ferals in his backyard, he'll continue to "adopt" them for however time they have left before they pass away. Adopt, care for, mourn when they pass away, adopt another. Rinse and repeat.


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RIP kitty.

Is Sylvia still alive? Does he ever try to get them spayed or neutered? Considering female cats such as Sylvia howl and try to escape when they are in heat. Hearing female cats in heat howl at night is not a fun thing.

I wonder if the other cats were fixed. I am sure Lucy is.
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Why is this idiot even allowed to have pets, if he can't even pay his mortgage?

You say that as if there's some all-seeing government body that has files on everyone to determine if they can handle having a pet.

You wanna really get scared? The only thing stopping Chris from having a KID is the fact that no one is willing to go in on that deal who is biologically capable of doing so (i.e. not Sockness or one of Chris's imaginary friends).

edit: And for those who would hope that Chris would have children taken away... maybe. Maybe not. Much like his pets, I suspect that CWC would neglect, but not actively abuse children. The sad fact is that there are many, many kids in houses where they are actually abused and still no one does anything.
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I don't feel bad for Bob at all. He couldv'e put his foot down with the Snorlax, and hired a crew of guys to get rid of all of her hoarded crap, but he didn't. He could have spanked or otherwise physically disciplined Chris when he did something wrong (which I'm convinced is the only way to make the fat autist learn), but he didn't. Hell, when Alec called to tell him about Chris trespassing at the Game Place, Bob practically tripped over himself justifying Chris's behavior. Bob's laxness regarding everything in his life got him to where he ended up. He might not have deserved his fate, but it sure was foreseeable.

I give Bob a pass, at least more than I do Barb. Bob did try. But the poor guy was in his sundown years. He was an octogenarian, so he barely had the energy to do what he could in that household. And his crazy shrew of a wife threatened suicide any time Bob and Chris tried to clean up. On top of that, he had several health problems like surviving heart attacks, and I think he even had cancer at one point. He had to be quarantined before he died because he was being eaten by bugs. The poor guy was worn out and was barely able to keep what tenuous control he had over the house. He did what he could, but unfortunately it wasn't enough.

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someone should call the cops and animal welfare again
I may be giving Chris too much credit here but I bet he doesn't post updates because 1: he can't give a shit to think of something other than himself and 2: if he does post an update (especially a photo update) we would have proof of animal abuse and bye bye Chris-chan


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So, maybe someone can answer this for me, after the two misdemeanors with animal neglect for improper tagging, could Chris get in legal trouble for snatching up these stray cats at the same frequency of him shoving handfuls of fries down his gullet, or is he in the clear of just grabbing them whenever they find their way to his dump of a house?