8/29 - RIP Possie -


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Likewise, Chris being an irresponsible cat owner by letting his cats out, not taking them to the vet, them getting hit by cars and eaten by foxes and dying of random sicknesses... yeah, that's actually pretty standard for millions of American rednecks.
He's a cat murdering asshole. Even the redneck whose only contact with cats is tolerating a batch of barn cats won't actually make shit worse than it would be if they'd been left alone. Chris's involvement actively makes kittens die.


I, Scout, humbly present a toast to Miss Pauling!
Do you think Chris tried to use his psychic powers to resurrect possie? That would’ve been a sight to see.
“Arise! Arise Possie! Arise! Possie arise!”


I, Scout, humbly present a toast to Miss Pauling!
Nah, that wouldn't be necessary. Thanks to the Merge crap, she's living it up in Cwcville with Bobchu and Patti-Chan, probably also transformed into some quasi-human abomination.

'Sides, Chris needs to practise his mighty psychic powers on more important things, like moving fidget cubes.
That might be only for pets he cared about. Possie might still be in limbo, stuck in the waiting line for CWCville CWCtizenship.

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god im not good at computer how did this get here
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Do you have a source for this?

Re: Why Are You Doing This?
Well, actually I do have a suspect in mind, if you want to help, or if you know a private investigator or something. In the house, front-across from 14 Branchland Ct. (I don't know their number). The preteen boy in there hate us because after Their cat attacked me and my family with its claws, we called animal control, they picked up the cat and put it to sleep. Since then, he in league with his grandfather has bred a snake and released it through a hole, which we are guessing HE had made, in our cement front porch, and released it into our house[1]. And possibly egged our house and vehicle a number of times. And now shortly after the fire, likely ran in and stole my mother's purse with her cards AND keys, Dali Hands (Tree) Lithograph Painting, and NOW my high school work binders!
There is carpet in the background behind the stacked folders in the top photo of their page (link below). I will bet that carpet is in HIS HOUSE. I am soo pissed at that brat, I just want to shout at him, "Whose Homework did you turn in Last January?"
That's all from my head right now. Thank you.
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Chris will never come clean about the death unless a million people ask him and even after that he still might not


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Dead. They would all be pushing like 25-30 by this point.
Skittles was elderly looking and Desi was an obese cat. So the latter may have died of heart failure.

Not sure about Kitty. I know she hated Chris.

I think the cat he took care of at least was Pollo. Sorbet wasn't lucky and ran off.