8/30/20 - Just Hanging Around - Tom has Q's Dox


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At least Tooter can see through the people calling for "whit pepol" to all die. However, white nationalism in police and military isn't a problem. lol We're not KKK sponsored by the Democrats circa 70 years ago.

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He's ugly and his hands are filthy

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He's coming for YOU!

"And then they heard a banging on the door, followed by a stench so powerful that they fell into unconsciousness. They awoke some hours later when the sun rose to find their garbage can strewn around the kitchen, their dog whimpering and shaking in the corner, and a note that said only "THANKS FOR ALL THE GEMSTONES SUCKERS!" When they walked out the front door of the house, the first thing they saw was that something ancient and foul had relived them of the stones they used in their flowerbeds.

The house has been on the market ever since..."