Culture 8 In 10 Millennials Believe They Aren’t ‘Good Enough’ - Generation of cucks.

That's really just sad. Mental illness, especially depression, does lead to an inability to cope with basic everyday necessities, but 7 out of 10 saying this is way too high and reflects more on how they were raised than anything. Personally, I guarantee that either the article is overblowing this or the methodology is flawed, because men saying that simply eating healthy is their biggest stressor doesn't quite make sense if someone believes every part of themselves isn't good enough.
The real issue, I think, is social media combined with the nature many millenials were raised around.

Millennials were the "participation" generation, and were told that they could all be special. Everyone was capable of great things. Everyone is a winner. Everyone can be good at everything. Laws like no child left behind were passed to ensure that children simply could not be allowed to fail. Educational institutions coddle these children, well into college age, creating this social bubble where consequences are meaningless. Not only does this breed entitled shithead behavior, but for the good kids they never learn how to deal with failure, pressure, and unfair situations.

Then throw in the internet. Social media creates a faux reality. Everyone seems perfect, their lives seem great, and your life, by comparison, seems shitty. Social media use is linked with feelings of depression for good reason. Everyone ends up in this constant "keeping up with the Jones'" not only with material goods but also with actions. This is thrown in with the overflow of information that the internet provides about every subject you can imagine. So if you are not maintaining a proper diet, driving a nice car, living in a nice place, with the latest games, great parties, tons of friends, taking fancy vacations, and working a great job while staying in shape and volunteering ece. all at the same time, you mentally associate yourself with failure because your primate brain sees the curtailed life presented by social media and says "you are failing". This can lead to something as innocuous as eating right or going to the gym being seen as a major failing of one's character.

This is coupled with millennial's crippling social skills, largely resulting from decades of coddling, living in bubbles, and the censorship and echo chambers social media provide, results in so many millennials feeling very negatively about themselves. They are trapped in a vicious cycle of self loathing and helplessness. "just stop using social media" the peanut gallery chants. Well, if you are in this position, that seems incredibly daunting. Many in that age group, as well as zoomers, prefer to use social media for most communication, and if you talk about leaving, many will give you a hard time about communicating with you over email, text, and even phone calls. The task of rebuilding your social life, for these people, is a daunting task they have no idea how to tackle. and they lack the developed skills Gen X and boomers had at that age to create new friendships and social groups.


This is pleasure!
Another seven in 10 millennials say that daily chores like going to the gym regularly, maintaining a presence on social media, and making enough money are among the top reasons why they feel overwhelmed from time to time.
Puts on Pesos voice: What a bunch of faggots! ahahahahaaha


Nigga 38 is middle age. You aren't a young adult at 38.
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Spider Baby So Pure
That's okay. Goonies are good enough.
That's because Goonies Never Say Die.

Clearly not a motto enough kids of the 80s learned.

But yeah, my parents totally got roped into the media's "Gotta send your kids to college or they'll be nothing the rest of their life" mentality and put a ton of pressure on me to figure my life and career out straight outta high school. Needless to say, it backfired, and I thankfully figured it out before putting myself too much into the hole.

Syaoran Li

Cardcaptors Christmas
I don't mean to be all "born in the wrong generation" but I fucking hate my generation (being born in the very tail end of the millennial generation)
Same here. People can hate on the Boomers all they want, but I stand by my assertion that the Millennials are the worst generation in recent American history.

We're the most over-educated and under-informed generation in decades, and probably the first generation that "failed to launch" since before World War II.

Between the piss-poor way that most Millennials were raised as kids and the Great Recession hitting when the bulk of them were just entering adulthood or were in high school and being spoon-fed a lot of outdated and over-simplified information, a lot of the Millennial generation are now stuck economically and thanks to misinformation from the corrupt academic system and the mega-corporations, a lot of them went woke so they can try to blame someone else for why their lives are miserable and also absolve themselves of their own failures and mistakes.


True & Honest Fan
On the other hand, the economy is shit and falling deeper into the shitpile, while we compete against a growing and far cheaper workforce.
Wait, what? I've seen a lot of speculation that we may get another recession, but by all accounts the economy is doing very well right now.


Not an Elf Thot in Sight!
Enh, it's 50-50. The stereotype of an ungrateful soy liberal/colored-hair whore still holds true in many cases, but you could argue that outsourcing, immigration/job visas, and unrealistic expectations for entry-level jobs, definitely have a lot of people disillusioned, especially while their parents were able to get a car and house for next to nothing while working a high school education factory job.

Care to ellaborate? I'm guessing Europe wasn't as big on gold stars for everyone or is there more to it?
My theory is that the European version of boomers didn't throw fits when little baby junior son-of-a-bitch didn't win. No one I know wanted participation trophies, but our parents would chimp out at the schools if we didn't get one.

Homo neanderthalensis
I am one of these millennials. I believe my life sucks and I do not have the skills to succeed. I am frustrated and depressed. Depression motivates me to accomplish tasks and to better myself. I try to learn new skills every day and I try to better myself by reading and working out. Use depression to better yourselves. Do not let depression to destroy your lives.

A real problem millennials have is how hedonistic they are. Everything has to be a super fun activity or it's a total waste of time. Very little effort goes into maintaining a good appearance, or taking care of yourself in general. This is why Jordan Peterson struck a chord with young men with such a simple phrase "Clean your room".

If you want to play 12 hours of videogames a day, you'll have a lot of fun, but you'll also accomplish absolutely nothing. Young people will better adapt to adulthood when they change what they value. If all I value is to have the biggest dopamine hits, I would stay in my room and do heroin all day, but doing that wouldn't be valuable to me in the context of living a good life and being happy with myself. Millennials are addicted to cheap dopamine hits.

Ultimately, Millennials really need to internalize that happiness isn't about the sum total of fun you're having, it's about being fulfilled. Happiness is a byproduct of living that fulfilling life.


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What utter bullshit.

Guess what...millennials are like any other group. There will be a wide range of abilities and talents among them. Yeah, you have the snowflakes and the slackers, but we had limpdicks and slackers thirty years ago. So don't tar all millennials, or boomers, or whatever with the same brush. Deal with them as people.

You also have a lot of millennials in the military, many of whom are in or have seen combat. I'd say as a group they'd say they are good enough to do or be anything.

Look around you. Might be surprised how many millennials you see in various jobs. As time goes by millennials will be doing more and more. That young doctor who's treating your illness - a millennial. The firefighter who comes to save your house, or get your ass out of your wrecked car - a millennial. That chef at your favorite restaurant - a millennial.

Those who say they don't feel "good enough", regardless of generational cohort - fuck 'em, let them stand by while everyone else makes something out of their lives. That's the word from Uncle Joe.


Drown in the cesspool of darkness
Not for the middle and 'lower' class, it isn't. Even if the markets are doing well, you still end up destroying a people by replacing them with a cheaper workforce.

The problem with that is it comes down to responsible voting and prevention of said imported work force. That's less an issue of the economy (same thing as minimum wage hikes raising living costs, and voting for higher taxes) That's just most people being ignorant of what they are voting for and ignoring repercussions. Though that's a topic for another day and more about society at larges irresponsible approach to these topics and concepts.

Drunk and Pour
I feel like there is a chicken-or-egg situation here. I feel like younger people have always felt the pressure to succeed, and society has always looked down on younger people. So is it really the case that society to putting more pressure on young people to succeed, or is it society told them that feelings matter most so that skews their perception of normal everyday stressors as overwhelming obstacles?

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