[8th Feb 2018] Address to and for the Brony Analysts and Artists -


Magnus Did Nothing Wrong
Chris: I could teach y'all how to be Stonewall Jackson or the Rock of Gibraltar!

Also Chris: I'm just as fragile as all y'all, pity me plz.

Also, he insists that he's not asking to be unblocked, and then he more or less demands that he be unblocked so he can be "supportive" by rambling about his problems. Never change, Chris. :story:

Deus Ex Macarena

Lift Off For Love
How terrible of a person and big of a lolcow do you have to be for the Brony Analyst community to reject you? Seriously if Bronies were the bottom of the barrel of degeneracy, the Brony Analyst is the mold found in the barrel's bottom.

Seriously, if they're telling you to fuck off, that's the sign you need to reevaluate your life.



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