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[8th Feb 2018] Address to and for the Brony Analysts and Artists

Discussion in 'Christian Weston Chandler' started by neural, Feb 8, 2019.

  1. Not only do we not engage Chris here, engaging his orbiters is also a bad idea. This time you're being mocked for it. Take that as a sign not to do it again.
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    drtoboggan Please, call me Mantis.

  2. Maybe it worked in school? The stress sighs definitely used to get him some slack, but I am sure he learned if he did some tarding out he was able to get away with anything.

    When he wasn't given enough recognition at his graduation he says he went and cried. I bet he went off stage and startled yelling and acting like he had been stabbed.
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  3. lol, reminds me of this:

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    The American Hedgehog

    Supervisor True & Honest Fan

  4. Chris totally needs to chant some prayers of the Dark Earth Mother. Kali-ma will take care of all those evil trolls for you, Chris! Just repeat the following for 4 hours straight:

    Om khargang chakra-gadeshu-chapa-parighan shulang bhushundIng shirah shankhang sanda-dhatIng karistri-nayanAng sarbanga-bhushabritam. nIlashma-dyutimasya pada-dashakang sebe maha kalikang yamastou-chhaite harou kamalajye hantung madhung kaitavam.

    And the Goddess will fuck your enemies shit up for you, guaranteed!
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    The Un-Clit

    The Un-Clit Can you find it? come on in, look closer!

  5. Within the first ten seconds of the video, he completely forgets what it was he wanted to ramble on about but still manages to make a ten minute long video.

    Well done, Chris.
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  6. Virginia public schools place emphasis on Virginian history to an absurd degree. Elementary school field trips to Civil War museums, visiting the first colony of Jamestown, etc. World history---or even American history as a whole---wasn't even part of the curriculum until high school. So Robert E. Lee & Stonewall Jackson were talked about constantly.
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    #187 BOLDYSPICY!, Feb 9, 2019 at 10:03 AM
    Last edited: Feb 9, 2019 at 10:58 PM

    BOLDYSPICY! I can't get errverr Null's streams
    True & Honest Fan

  7. There's no way he was in bed before this video. If anything, he was getting ready to go to sleep.
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  8. I honestly cannot even tell what the hell he is saying anymore. Each video he makes since I watched the merge announcement, he became more incoherent.
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  9. Trust me, if you could actually understand him, it wouldn't make that much more sense regardless. Only to Chris can Pikmin, pizza and Stonewall be put together in the same argument and actually mean something. As you can see in this thread, even true and honest Christorians are at a total loss, let alone those who aren't.
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    Wake me up

    Wake me up CωC Club founder

  10. It only show that chris can no longer be able to get to the point compare to his two angry videos in the past.
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    Tikbalang Wear your shirt inwards out

  11. Blabber_And_Sonichu_Lactation.avi
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    cuevasen No Rest 4 Da Wicked.

  12. Jesus fucking Christ. This is like a recording found by police after they catch a serial killer and investigate his home for more evidence.
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    BeanBidan Welcome to Silent Hill faggots.

  13. Oh how the mighty have fallen. One day you are summoning errybody in your command to go picket video game stores who had the audacity to ban you for spraying mace on an employee, the next you are begging for people to unblock your schizophrenic ramblings on social media.

    Fate is a Cruel Mistress; Among Which.
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    WorldsSmartestManRonOTool Renaissance Man, Polymath, World Traveler

  14. Three of four of Jackson's division commanders at the Battle of Chancellorsville graduated from Virginia Military Institute. Being that the state also had the capitals of both the Union and the Confederacy you can see why they get so big-headed about this shit.
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    Brian Butterfield

    Brian Butterfield Satisfaction guaranteed...no matter what.

  15. I can't help but feel like the increasingly forced higher pitch on his voice is him trying to further sell to everyone that he's some kind of anime girl. Same with those weird gloves.
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    Zitta Some Imp

  16. Nothing says "sensitive female soul" more than howling incoherently like an even more shrill Mrs.Piggy, and smacking yourself in the face with...what the fuck kind of gloves even are those?
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  17. They look like workout gloves to me. Pretty sure it's the same pair he was wearing in those pictures and videos he's taken to "prove" he exercises.
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    Second_Missing_Primarch Magnus Did Nothing Wrong

  18. The high voice is Chris trying to project that he wants the situation to be solved urgently.

    When was the last time he took those gloves off? November?
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    Autisimodo Do I arouse you?

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