[8th Feb 2018] Address to and for the Brony Analysts and Artists -

Muscle Bra

I Passed High Scholl Bitch
True & Honest Fan
Thoughts after having digested this video
  • I'm surprised that this video came out only 1 week into the month, I figured the tugboat would've lasted at least 3 more days or so
Which goes to show you just how big a bug he’s got up his butt over the Brony blocking. Normally, new toys and vidya would keep him pacified for a while longer but not this time...

Someone gotta inscribed "Learning from my mistakes" onto Chris's grave. Cuz that boy is still fucking learning ever since he drew his first breath.
Talk to Null and Marvin. I am firmly convinced that, when Chris finally ascends to CWCville for reals, the only people who will give a damn will be the Farms.


That yellow taint really is starting to distract me now that I look at those shots.

...Christ almighty, has he even showered?

Nurse Ratchet

I don't wanna sound like a queer or nothin, but
True & Honest Fan
I don't think he'll go if he's still banned by everybody there


Also, that fucking manly hoosier failtroll hurr durr voice noise he makes around 04:20 about the idiots that pizzadox him. :lit::lit::lit:

He's probably just pissed that his doxpizzas are never free. Tip your delivery guy, Chris. Your internet infamy is your fault, not his.

Subconcious Offense

Yeah, I think that the instant someone else started talking, Chris would try to butt in with a story of his own about da trolls and bugbears, then bitch and whine when the counselor or whoever told him to let the others have a turn.
He is actually not too far off from other normal people. Too many folks don't actually listen, and are just waiting for someone to finish before they can talk.


I really have 0 sympathy for Chris after hearing how Null was ready to take care of everything for him and then he fucking blew it. So he can live under a bridge for all I care.
For every heartwarming story of a homeless getting back on his feet or a drunk hitting rock bottom then cleaning up, there is an opposite story of a homeless person throwing away food donations because they want drugs or a drunk hitting a kid with his car and then going out again next weekend.

Some people are perfectly happy being miserable or having a shitty life. If Chris truly wanted the drama gone he'd delete Twitter. If he truly wanted to be seen as a beautiful woman he'd wash his nasty hair and stop eating fast food. If he didn't want to beg for bills and essentials, he'd go without a brand new toy for a week or two. Chris and Barb are exactly who and where they want to be.

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