[8th Feb 2018] Address to and for the Brony Analysts and Artists -

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He's turning the pizzas away. These faggots are just inconveniencing local business owners.
I was assuming he rejects them, sure. (That part of my post was tongue-in-cheek.. you know.. mostly). The latter part is just my soft spot for people working in the service industry. Overanalytical of me or not, it irritates me that a driver had to waste their time & gas & get nothing out of it but confusion because a) people are fucking dumb faggots who don't think or care about the chain reaction or how it affects people who are already poverty-line & just trying to feed their kids, and b) they only know about Chris bc [broad but literal generalization incoming] he's too stupid to stop Goodbye Horses-ing in Mother's panties on the internet, at the behest of these same pizzadoxing cocksuckers.

Therefore, I blame both parties for wasting the time of the drivers, who (to my way of thinking) are the only victims in all of this.

And sort of an aside.. it shocks me that any pizza joint within 5-10 miles of his house hasn't been trolled into nope-flagging Chris's address, sans pre-payment of the order. With all the stupid shit these droves of rètards like to do to him, how was the pizza thing not a forgone conclusion? :cringe:

Such a strange shitshow this always is..


It looks like Chris just deleted this video and the one before it. Got cut off mid viewing.
Just like many things in his life, he immediately remove vent-videos after people showing him how embarrassingly terrible it is for him and pretend they never exist, and just say he "learned his lessons" again to reset things back to square one -- at least that's how his logic works.

I also love how his Tweeter is still protected despite him urging people to unblock him and all he wanted to do was "spread kindness", as if he's expecting people to sympathize with his situation where he would reach out even more desperately for positive attention only to be told by those who haven't blocked him to fuck off for the most part and he just go cry some more.

The Blocking Saga is off to a proper start.


I can't really add anything. It's already been said. Chris needs antipsychotics and ECT.
ECT or TMS are his only hopes for potential treatment of his broken brain. No one is ever going to pay for either of those though.

Therefore, I blame both parties for wasting the time of the drivers, who (to my way of thinking) are the only victims in all of this.
If any pizza place took more than one order to Chris without prepayment, they deserve more blame than Chris.

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I don't think he'll go if he's still banned by everybody there but if he does, he's going with an extra layer of autism and a plan to win the hearts of everyone that already made their minds not to interact with him at all. It would be glorious.

But seriously he shouldn't go. There is no way this timeline ends up in anything but disaster for him.
I agree he shouldn’t go, or at least go and avoid the people who’ve blocked him but I don’t think he can resist that and I also think being blocked means it’ll be more likely Chris will want to go because as far as he’s concerned he’s an innocent victim of trolls and it’s all a big misunderstanding which he can straighten out plus this might be the last opportunity to do so in person since it’s the last Bronycon and being the last one he doesn’t have to worry about being banned from future Bronycon conventions if he misbehaves on the last day.


Ugh that shrill fucking voice he uses. It keeps getting higher. I can only watch his videos for so long because of it. No woman sounds like that.
It's just Chris trying to tell everyone he's super-stressed and it's a futile attempt to generate sympathy.

His irritating-as-fuck-to-no-end heavy sighing should've been a dead giveaway that he's just thirsty for sympathetic attention.

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The only reason he's this upset (escalating and repeatedly, obsessed with it really) is that he understand there is no point in going if he's being vocally excluded by the community at large. The fact that it's the last Bronycon only aggravates this. He needs to fix it NOW it he wants to go and he can't despite his efforts.

If he ends up going or not is entirely dependent on his autisic logic, which is beyond any of us here and probably himself as well - but I think that his behavior clearly shows he knows all odds are against him as-is.

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