[8th March-2020] Twitter DMCA notices are being issued against DSP related clips -


Nice to see this guy has a 10 year legacy too. He and Phil would get along like a house on fire (for the insurance payout).

Noticed that he wrote a book called "The Ultimate Guide to Being Successful on YouTube", which, according to Amazon, was published in 2017... ironically right around the time that EVERYTHING WENT WRONG ON YOUTUBE.
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I'm not JMAA but I'm going to shill for him.

Also the only follower on the account is fucking JMAA.

Null pointed out this guy has a thread and after skimming it I can guarantee this dude lives off of any attention he gets, positive or negative, so it'd be best to ignore him.
Doubt much life blood will come from this negative of attention. The twitter side of the DSP watchers won’t appreciate a consistent source of DSPs stupidity being attacked, but everyone seems to just be pointing and laughing at the fake twitter account and hopefully avoiding the shit eater outside of research.

I’m more curious what’s going to ultimately come of this, it would make sense for twitter to ban this bullshit account and put the archive one back up, ad I’m wondering how this sperg is gonna handle that or if this will just be the end of it


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I don't know how DSP spawns people like this but it's certainly entertaining. I don't think anything will ever be as wild of a rollercoaster as the escort saga.
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Great, so this tard is making DSP look good and letting him take the higher ground. Fantastic. I'm sure Phil will be laughing about the "idiots" on the next stream. Let's not give him ammo and stop pretending like this attention hungry individual who just barely started following DSP is doing anything other than attempting to get attention from the farms. This isn't DSP gay ops, this is just regular gay ops.

Also am I the only one who couldn't give a fuck less about drgnkiller's twitter?
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