[8th March-2020] Twitter DMCA notices are being issued against DSP related clips -


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If there wasn't already a decade-long holy jihad of assmad against DSP, we wouldn't have director's cut-length nitpick streams and TIHYDPs by multiple very autistically dedicated content creators.

I don't get what these gay ops hope to accomplish when Kojima-tier machinations are a regular occurrence in the DSPhere. It would have maybe worked before the escort saga, but not now.


I'm slightly confused here: How exactly do you get trolled into eating your own shit?
If you want the full tale including the take from one of the people who executed the Op then I reluctantly recommend you read the JMAA thread which has been linked in this thread.

The long story short is that JMAA had a break with his previous Idol britbong. A-loggers then managed to convince JMAA that in order to get back at Britbong and BTFO him he should eat his own shit.

The fact such a line of persuasion was even possible let alone effected should give you a glimpse into who we are talking about.

In similar fashion he did a fortnite wank dance, drank his own piss, and called in a bomb threat to a Texas PD.

This DSP shit is just another in a long line of stupid stunts, A lesser one if even.


A small update - JMAA says that he was detained by the police for a case that's 3 years old, his possessions are confiscated and claims that MrBTFO is responsible. He hasn't tweeted anything for 48 hours now.

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It appears that our exceptional friend JMAA, who is likely accomplice or even instigator of these meme takedowns is now a guest of the spanish police. This is likely related to his many exceptional stunts in the past and due to his A-logs in the “rade server” frequently reporting him to the FBI and Spanish police after they induce him to do something stupid.


It’s pretty goofy how irresponsible twitter is with video clip copyrights, it seems like you can put whatever the hell you want and get any video you want taken down lol

and it’s still so weird to me that this loser is wasting all this time on twitter detractors instead of the actual YouTube channels that steal darks content lmao
maybe DSP should have a taste of his own medicine
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This guy was posted about here

Welcome back to Twitter any plans on a new YouTube channel.

Oh look who he following.

Jeremy loves to yell at trolls on Twitter for his Pig Roach Master and he could still be upset about his YouTube channel and he did get into fights with Detractors on Twitter. I assume he is passing names to Super Hound and the others who have a hate boner for Mr. BTFO in order to have Twitter Detractors attack Mr. BTFO.

Still he is the only connection I have found to DSP and the DCMAs going around on Twitter.


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DSPArchives is gone again. Dunno if it was a strike, or if he actually quit and self-deleted.
If he quit though, good for him. There's only so deep you should go into the A-log territory, before you start attracting speds far worse than you or the person you're pissy over.