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The civil axis on this test is bullshit. A few weeks ago I filled it out according to the average ACAB #StayTheFuckHome ANTIFA Twitter ancom and got this:
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8values results.png
There really needs to be questions about things like free speech and gun control to differentiate the "lib"lefts from the actual libertarians.

If you really want to have fun, take the 9Axes.


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it's alright, would benefit from being more granular. Whoever made this is definitely a woke trust funder crypto-communist.

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I consider myself a paleocon, but the scales seem fair.


I also took the 9Axes test, and it was a lot more accurate.
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This is pretty much what I believe, although being called a "fanatic authouritarian" is a bit grating. they could've called it based authouritarian or something. I do think I'm a bit more multiculturalist though

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What did they mean by this?
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Retook this shit again since it's been two years. No clue what "left-wing populism" is although Wikipedia lists lots of cuck parties alongside people I like such as Based Duterte and Huey Long.
This year really fucked up my political views so I thought it would be worth posting again. Looks like I became even more of a lowercase national socialist.