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No Exit

Death and Taxes
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break these cuffs

Money Plane
Why would I make fun of your shitty quiz results when I can just look at your avatar and know you're an autistic waste of space? Are you a pedophile, a tranny, both?

Caesar Augustus


Interesting how the one with fewer questions seems to represent my views better for the most part.


Political quizzes are truly a blight of the mind.

Do you think change is good?

Yes? Sometimes?

Result: You're a Communist.

While I agree that political quizzes are a blight of the mind I'm not convinced that they need to be.

Has there been any work done by anyone in creating a quiz based on factor analysis? It seems preposterous that there should be none yet I've never come across one.

Ultima Ratio Regum

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Has certainly been said before, but the responses to these kinds of tests can completely vary depending on what should ideally be done, in a hypothetical optimal context, and what should be done right now; thus making it even more pointless than it initially was. It's entertaining for wannabe politicised normies, I guess.