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I am a neutral! I was born with a heart full of neutrality! Who knows where I stand on anything? Trust me when I say you can't trust me!
And I'm a little concerned with how high my social score was on the economic axis... I am probably at risk of being purged by the ethnostate. And my patriotic score means I will be at risk of being purged in a people's republic... in mindcraft, naturally.

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I’m Diana Moon Glampers. Let’s talk about equity.
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I have become more authoritarian over the past five years because I came to understand that many people who are not me cannot handle freedom any more than a toddler can, and more supportive of tradition and religion because I came to understand that many people who are not me flail without it and require structure and religious belief to function and if they don’t get it from wholesome traditional sources they will get it from demonic ones. Oh and also I may be more supportive of religion now because as an atheist I have observed that we may actually be living through a time of widespread demonic possession, specifically Moloch and Paimon tag-teaming us.


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Don't even know what this means, I'm not that much into politics.


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While pretty accurate there were a few questions that I couldn't answer since they depend on the situation and the background/reason behind them. I also don't like that tradition vs. progress are always one way or the other and not both. Having traditional values doesn't mean one's against progress and vice versa.


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I like reading this thread as it narrates Kiwi Farm's origins as a center-left site into a rightoid refugee camp. Very cool.
Page 1: liberals and libertarians
Page 20: liberals and libertarians

yikes, so many chuds, right fellow enlightened thinkers who definitely weren't kicked off of somethingawful for being too sadistic for even that shithole?