FIGGIN 9-27-19 Phil Phreatens the Parms - Lol ok

Alex Krycek

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I have a counter proposition, the Terra Jones thread should be a featured thread every Friday.

You’re going to claim you did Anti-Fascist and Anti-Capitalist shit whether this site exists or not and no matter what day of the week it happens to be. This would be like me saying, “hey unless you do x I’m going to keep talking History and drinking beer every Saturday night, you have 3 days. Also I’m going to do that whether or not you give into my demands. Also it doesn’t have to be Saturday.”


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It's Fridays that he wants Richard's thread down, for those of you who don't know, because Richard announced to the world on twitter the other day that he can only bear to read his thread on Fridays. So everyone head over to Richard's thread to rip on him, you can be sure he's reading it today while crying and jerking his half-chub.