9/28/2020 What Do We Do About Women With A Penis - Tom copies someone elses homework


Working on my hell and forth
"Penis owners have historically hurt Vagina owners" Tom reading some other crazy trannies words

I just physically hurt hearing that just something delicate in my head is jammed I can't add anything to that but I can't move on

Edit Tom"Its not transphobic to not want to sleep with a trans person"

OH MY GOD We finally found it a low Tom hasn't sunk to
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Sam Losco

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Here's his first attempt at this stream. The faces he makes are so horrifying.

Screenshot from 2020-09-28 23-03-27.png


What do you have to be afraid of?
Tommy looks like an animatronic.

Also, all that "spinach in your teeth" and tolerance bullshit goes out the window when you're cis, religious, and pro life.