9/28/2020 What Do We Do About Women With A Penis - Tom copies someone elses homework


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Here's an interesting story from some years ago.

A few years back I break up amicably with my bisexual then-GF. She meets a nice girl, whom I briefly see in passing at some point or another (fit, C cups, symmetrical face, nice hips) and when next we meet, my ex tells me (cause she said she needs to tell someone and I'm the only one she figured wouldn't really care) that her new girlfriend has a cock. A really nice one too apparently. Also mad musical skills.

Turns out, this is an incredibly rare case - this person was convinced she was a boy until 13. Then "he" started bleeding out his dick. Turns out, "he" has a fully functioning internal set of ovaries and the external organs of a guy - hormones apparently probably somewhere inbetween, balls are there but not "hooked up" properly (I never learned all the details). Weirdest shit and suddenly every doctor is ofc curious which I imagine sucks hard, cause noone likes being a weird medical specimen. Ultimately that person is given a choice to go the full man or full woman route, picks woman, looks super hot and has a designer vagina now (8 years later, met my ex mid transition). I still think she should've kept the dick because she probably could've made a killing in porn, but that's probably not a good enough reason for most people to pick their sexual organs.
Notice how I never brought up that this person sperged out on twitter, youtube or told everyone around them all the time. Why? 'Cause she didn't. Because this is an actual real case; Where someone's body and gender and brain chemistry might not have lined up due to a genetic fuckup, and there's a case to be made for helping that person medically - rather than it just being some shitty "muh pronouns" attention whoring nutjob whose entire identity solely consists of this issue.

Why is this relevant? Because Tom is a fat, smelly, male hobo, fit only to amuse and disgust the kiwis and his situation is nothing like that, so he can fuck right off with this nonsense : )
If you are being serious ... you got taken in by the oldest tranny lie in the book, namely pretending to be intersex. Except this story actually contains hilarious anatomical details that allow it to be easily pointed out as fictitious.