9/9/2019 - Monday , Monday - Tom misinterprets the news and whinges about fags in school


It's the type of tired sleep doesn't fix
Damn it and I haven't even finished the last tom stream can any one clue me in on prior happenings
Edit: nothing like dead air and smoking

Edit 2: wait Tom can't play two instruments this is news to me

Edit 3:
Tom "why are we discriminating according arbitrary standards about grooming and attire and behavior" The jokes about Tom and standards write themselves.

Tom "There are at least six genders described in ancient Hebrew literature" Imagine my shock that he doesn't mention any specific titles or sources

I'm going to write a summary for this later

Edit 4:
0:00 Tom wishes us a happy Monday and tells us about how people keep getting his Facebook banned. He reminds us that our reckoning day is soon as it has been for years.

1:20 Tom tells us about his friend who used to hang around AMB. Tom "she used to go to all lot of shitty sites and hang around political arguments but she said AMB was the only site she felt she needed a shower afterwards". Among all the things that happened I'm sure that's one of em

2:10 Tom "I wanna make noise tonight" proceeds to play sax, the joke writes itself.

3:20 Tom "what on everyone's mind I'm trying to have as little on my mind as possible". Wait it's possible for him to get less aware? Tom then proceeds to play sax.

7:26 Tom wipes face with a rag Tom explains that he slept most of the day and also has his room "in order"
Somewhere a cat is in pain and Tom plays the sax

8:30 Tom "Something stressing me, today no, I-I-I eliminated as much as I can um I'm sure they'll find a new way to intrude in my life they're either getting paid or mentally Ill"

I'm mentally ill any of you guys getting paid?

9:20 Tom plays a dying raccoon

11:00 Tom stops playing smiling as if he has something to be proud of, and wipes his face with a rag. he decides to take a look at the newsfeed and assures us that the new transgender curriculum will pass tomorrow

12:10 Tom "I-I uh ha-have lots of friends I have two groups which are busy I'm not the only one who post in them I have people who talk to me on the phone, people I meet on the street, The only thing I'm missing is a lover and a lawyer". Tom says something about needing a housekeeper and that he's dreading cleaning his floors

13:28 Tom rolls a joint and begins talking about Milo Yanopolis Tom, "hes whining his broke". He then talks bullshit about Trump and the Taliban

14:00 Tom takes a hit makes dumb noises

15:10 Tom occasionally reads headlines aloud without much reaction mostly dead air and smoking

19:40 Tom reads an anti-trump comment Tom "I'm just amazed he was nominated in the first place"

20:15 Tom "yeah gonna be a big party tonight..... Tomorrow 5:30"

21:10 Tom is watching a video of Asian children singing

24:30 He finishes the video Tom "that was lovely"

26:00 Messenger noises staring, typing, mumbling

29:15 Tom can't play piano

31:10 Tom checks chat, Tom begins talking about someones article about social gender dysphoria this is gonna be good.

36:50 Tom reacts "I just shaved off the beard and stopped pretending"

37:50 Tom "Most people see me as female and even when I get misgendered, I hardly ever have to explain and it should be like this for everyone" stuttering removed

39:30 Tom Typing

40:00 Tom is asked if any one here is sober he explains he doesn't drink but does smoke

40:30 The goblin stares and mutters

40:58 Tom "It's about how you present yourself if you're credible as a man or a woman or your trans it's cool these days and your behavior is more important than looks these days there are still place.... uh uh sigh"

41:57 Tom "I don't understand why people have to stigmatize trans-feminine/trans-masculine people. uh whats the big deal why do we hate on people not conforming to standards about grooming and attire and behavior". Tom spergs about trans master race and oppression

44:20 Tom talks about how enlightened the jews and native americans were about gay people. Tom "There are at least six genders described in ancient Hebrew literature", afterwards he mumbles about bullshit

46:15 Tom reads a shitty joke about women and smart phones

47:00 Tom reads more headlines

48:40 Tom "So its a really boring day" agreed tom

49:45 Tom reacts to being told Facebook is run by Zionists it's rather subdued

50:30 "I don't know I should stay away from the whole passing thing " no shit "there is lot of resentment over the cost for those who don't pass naturally I was lucky that I was never very masculine I just shaved the beard and stopped acting male"

51:00 more sperging my tolerance for transcription wanes

53:00 This week has been draining according to him.

54:30 Tom "I got nothing to say and no one here does either I'm going to look for something interesting"

54:48 Tom is against the British monarchy

55:32 Tom reads an article about Indians and alcohol. He gives up reading half way through talks briefly about European disease to show how woke he is.

Tom goes to bed
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