• ”oh it feels like it was only yesterday I was wiping your bottom for you when you used the potty!”

Surgery [9 June 18] Rotten snatch photo, 2 weeks post-opViewer discretion!

Discussion in 'Philip Vincent Haskins-Delici' started by Positron, Jun 9, 2018.

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  1. Oh that’s interesting, obv here it’s the NHS so everyone’s just has access to it if they need to. I doubt Phil has one coming in, that wound don’t look right at all and no nurse would leave it in that state.

    You can get all kinds of shit done at home here, i know people who have had diabetic leg ulcers dressed and cared for just by a nurse at home. Theres no way they would let Phil stay that unclean. But then again, we all thought there’s no way he would get okayed for the op in the first place lmao.
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    Chicken Picnic

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  2. I'm going to have to do a copious amount of drugs to forget about Phil's vaginal dumpster fire.

    And hopefully kill myself in the process.
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    Literal Rabbit

    Literal Rabbit Out, out damn stain

  3. Alternative cover art: [​IMG]
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    Quijibo69 Missing Lyman

  4. Yep, just fixed it. Thanks
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    nvrwastetree Identifies as an attack helicopter

  5. Kinda funny how a man who has tried so hard to convince people that sex is a huge part of his identity has had his ability to achieve orgasm surgically removed. It's almost like Phil didn't think this shit out properly, and now will live the rest of his miserable life sexually frustrated.
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    The Dude

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  6. Not really, he still has a bumhole
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  7. I'm pretty sure I could've done a better job with my chainsaw then whatever the fuck that doctor did to him.
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    VoidMachine Reactor online

  8. Until the necrotic wound fuses into it, sure
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    Xanax Hey buddy, I think you've got the wrong door.

  9. Not entirely, his bellend will have been reconfigured into an ersatz clit.
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    Ginger Piglet

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  10. Until it falls off from poor wound care.
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    Tragi-Chan Godmaster Reverend
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  11. I could have done a better job, and I'm not even a real doctor
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    Doctor Stan

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  12. Didn't one of ADF's ex-boyfriends stated that the snatch would be "as tight as a virgin's"? Now's his chance!!
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    Miel67 Hates Kitaro

  13. Nah, don't you remember, Phil is asexual now so he doesn't care about orgasms. Hope he's happy with this new gender identity cuz there's no going back now...
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    Mogambo stung by a scorpion

  14. Well, I'm gonna go throw up now. bbl
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    Armchair Psychologist

    Armchair Psychologist Old bastard

  15. Was gonna do it. Pansy ass googled what was in it first. I've made it this far not watching 3 guys 1 hammer and I ain't gonna start today.
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    keyboredsm4sh I want breakfast.

  16. So Phil really went through all of this just to prove something to his trolls, how utterly pathetic.
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  17. I've read that pinworms might migrate to snatches. So very likely.
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    Triggered Fivehead

    Triggered Fivehead Can I help you?

  18. But only a tiny piece of glans is used. The majority of the nerves are lost. That means also the orgasms are weaker.

    An actual clitoris is way bigger and has much more nerve endings.
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    Sinners Sandwich

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  19. The only thing that was proven is that Phil is an expert in the industry of idiocy and not thinking things through.
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    REGENDarySumanai Man of excellent taste

  20. If anyone is interested, here’s a video of a more “higher end” procedure that yields more realistic results:

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