A Bestiality Fantasy of Dee Price's

Miss Tommie Jayne Wasserberg

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May 9, 2016
I'm sorry, but you just can't go calling somebody a dog fucker base on your own fantasies, d00d.

Yes it was a great day old tom was in the pound with a lot of dogs and a few in heat so tom was a horny old dog fucker. And he got to eat high off the dog OK not what you think Yes he got a half can of Alpo over the top of chuck wagon dog food with water added so it made its own gravy. Oh was tom fed well that day.

But as tom can never help himself he laid there in his Kennel and he smelled the female dog in the next slot got a bit frisky chewed through the fencing and mounted the poor defenseless bitch and went to rocking. The whole time thinking to himself i knew she wanted me and i knew it would feel this good to pound her,'
All off a sudden tom was yelping he was stuck in her and was yelping so much the late night dog catcher on duty came in saw tom mating with the bitch and got the fire hose and drenched tom down doing his best to break up the foul gross affair tom had gotten himself into up.

Yes that old dog fucker got himself in a file mess that night. And they had had enough so they were going to put old tom down in the morning.

But as fate would have it that is when a drunk hit the pound opening the kennels and all of the dogs started to run out letting out yipe's and running for dear life. All the while tom was tackling as many as he could get and raping them on the spot.

Now tom is known to the pound as the horrible dog fucking monster of Tucson.

Cranky Hermit

Jul 7, 2020
It was bugging me a little because the way Tommy writes "dood" reminded me of something but I couldn't quite remember what. Then I realized what it was: The Prinnys from Disgaea.
You've truly found your group of intellectual peers, Tom.


I'll see you in the next one
Sep 6, 2019
Do you really think posting shit like this is gonna make you seem less questionable?
You know the sad part is he probably thought we would all be like
"wow Tommy that Dee person sure sounds like a basket case clearly all the accusations and evidence of you being a dog rapist is bullshit can we give you twenty dollars"

I honestly think he expects something of that sort every time he posts otherwise he would have given up a long time ago

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