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Huh. It's only been ten minutes since I started a thread there. Better make another one."
Yeah, it’s both hilarious and sad. He hates that people make fun of him here, but it’s also the only place where anyone will talk to the stinky old sex pest.

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Native populations were not genocided against, they died due to not being immune to disease even before Jamestown was established.

Please get your faggot facts straight, you probably ripped this off from some retard who thinks Columbus was some heinous monster due to some edgy retard historian ascribing crimes from other people onto Columbus due to Columbus being popular and nobody giving a single flying fuck about the other guys.


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If tommy's referring to the pilgrims, weren't they overall a relatively unimportant part of the over all immigration? Most of it was actually sent directly by European nations. It's how Britain ended up in charge before they were kicked out. Though maybe I'm thinking too much into his dementia ridden child rapist mind.