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keep trying , man child.
Tom it’s a reference to you molesting dogs. I get that you don’t understand comedy, maybe try lightening up a little bit.

Seriously a quip about you getting sex at all or how dumpster food is better than how he eats at all would have made you look better than the nerdy kid at the bus stop.

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I actually saw the Kids in the Hall live on stage once. If only they were still together to roast people like Tom. Oh, well. Here's a song appropriate for any occasion that involves him getting into an altercation.


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I say we enslave troons next. Starting with you.
You have to think for a second the ttrender troons are all like Thomas. So what kind of slave is that. A very USELESS one.

With Thomas you would have to be looking for a slave that is only good at fingering dogs.

Or a slave only good at drawing cartoons of animals raping kids { ( all while wearing diapers. ) the animals not the kids }

Or screeching out of control, standing around blubbering. or wearing fake deer antlers eating grass in the front yard
What are troons good for at all? Enslaving them is more trouble than they are worth.
trender troons NOTHING yes nothing at all.
Native populations were not genocided against, they died due to not being immune to disease even before Jamestown was established.

Please get your faggot facts straight, you probably ripped this off from some retard who thinks Columbus was some heinous monster due to some edgy retard historian ascribing crimes from other people onto Columbus due to Columbus being popular and nobody giving a single flying fuck about the other guys.
Correct the lack of antibodies caused a large percentage of the native population to die. But again this ois biology and well tom proves that he has no comprehension of biology every time he shit post or post a video.
i love the projections of the denial of your own sick perversions from a pack of infantile imbeciles with delusions of intellect and redeeming social value. that you hate yourselves is obvious in your every post, you pitiful petty ass pukes.
Tom stop deluding yourself. and that is total projection you are committing. All of which is more explaining you than the Kiwi's
Gotta love the projections of the denial of your sick sexuality at me. rape dungeon it is now? go back to your video game, you fucking ridiculous moron.
Now moron how many times do we have to explain this YOU ARE THE SICK FUCK HERE.

It is you that bragged about raping kids and dogs.

keep trying , man child.
keep lying man who rapes child.
Your humor is shallow and pedantric. How can you not understand this too?
Well that is simple. Toms brain is smaller than the size of an orange.

Easy J

It bears mentioning that Tom, the militant anti-capitalist virtue signaller became a landlord as soon as America gave him a free home at taxpayer's expense. He charged his fellow hobos rent to sleep in the yard provided to him for free by productive working folks. One of his hobo renters even died there.

Tom is a such greedy capitalist hypocrite that he'll charge rent for land he didn't pay for & doesn't own while decrying land ownership as evil. He's as capitalist as any American ever was, but just too lazy & stupid to make anything work for him.
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