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Nov 14, 2012
In February I installed a really lukewarm stat tracking mod into the forums to see how the forums would progress over the following months. I'm sitting here in between conferences at a jQuery convention and out of boredom have taken a look at the data. I figure some of you would be interested in this.

This is a forum and the most basic way of measuring a forum's health is the number of posts it receives. The CWCki Forum receives a surprisingly high amount of user posts every day, and the distribution isn't all that surprising.

The top two forums are the Chris forums, followed by Lolcow General. Also not too surprising from this statistic is that the What If? forum receives more topics with less replies each, whereas the Lolcow General forum gets more posts per thread. This is a pretty strong indicator that the Lolcow General forum provides a higher quality of thread than the What If? forum and I doubt many people would disagree with that.

When looking at why a user joins this forum, the results are also not that surprising.

Half of all registered users make at least one post in the Chris forum, whereas the other 46% make no posts at all. This is a pretty strong retention rate for an Internet board, which shows that the slight majority of people who bother making an account at some point are tempted in some way to make a post about Chris at least one time. A quarter of people post in the Lolcow General forum. Few people join the off-topic community.

What about views?

Since the last forum incarnation I have not restricted viewing access from Guests, a lot of people are really content to just create an account and watch from the distance, and there are more than a few people who do this. Last month I restricted anonymous viewing of the forum to try and get provoke a specific lurker into signing in to their forum account(s). The result was: a) finding out that this particular individual does indeed continue to browse the forums, and b) finding out we have a lot of lurkers.

Also, since the forums were created, we have doubled our bandwidth consumption. We have a lot of people using the forum more often than ever before.

Just so you know.

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Feb 3, 2013
Null you should change your name to Magi-chan because you seem to have the power.

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Feb 3, 2013
So the Lolcow General is the forum with the second most posts. Awesome.