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A commercial that has been burned into your memory

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by BerriesArnold, Jul 25, 2018.

  1. I'm glad to help!
  2. PSA you say? Have I got a PSA for you: This crazy nineties action movie was broadcast in Northern Ireland to make people snitch on terrorists.
    Buster O'Keefe

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  3. The glowing people from the Sylvania light bulb commercials used to scare the crap out of me. I thought they were the aliens from Cocoon.

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  4. Pointandlaugh

    Pointandlaugh Lookin' for the good stuff

  5. The N64 had some memorable commercials.
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  6. Pointandlaugh

    Pointandlaugh Lookin' for the good stuff


  7. i could only find the updated vers, but the script is engrained in my fucking mind
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  8. I F
    Y O U
    O R
    L O V E D
    O N E
    H A S
    B E E N
    D I A G N O S E D
    W I T H
    M E S O T H E L I O M A ...
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    aFairlyOddFaggot obtuse, rubber goose, green moose, drug abuse

  9. An oldie but goody:

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    Kiwi Lime Pie

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  10. Have another (or few)!

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  11. I loved this commercial.:feels:

    TNT Amusements infomercial. This was on late at night for years. My brother and his friend were obsessed with it and kept calling Todd Tuckey to annoy him.:lol:

    They watched it every damn night. It is burned into my memory so strongly that a thousand lifetimes won't fade it. I don't know why the hell they were so obsessed with Todd Tuckey. But they kept me up at night laughing over this infomercial quite often.
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    Dysnomia Desu pocky sugoi! (≧▽≦)

  12. That is a cute one! Also points for going with the older phone number prefix deal!
  13. All of the Orson Welles ones

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    Sigma Eighteen Inches

  14. Those reminded me of this,Orson was really selling his soul to pay the bills

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    King Kobra

    King Kobra Snek

  15. When it comes to toy commercials, the jingles that are forever embedded into my brain are:

    -This toy for the 1998 Roland Emerich Godzilla movie. I can't find a video of it on YouTube, but I remember seeing this commercial so many times that I still remember the jingle: "He's the biggest, he's the baddest, he's the greatest of the great! GODZILLA! GODZILLA! BATTLE ACTION 8!"

    -The Barbie "Fold and Fun" House:

    And, of course, there's this iconic anti-drug commercial:

    Also, while I was born decades after these commercials were made, I remember my mom telling me about the Ipana Toothpaste commercials when I was a kid, and I laughed right in her face, not believing they were real (especially with the lame/hilarious jingle). I was one of those weird kids who didn't watch that much Nickelodeon but LOVED Nick-at-Nite and TV Land (when they still aired CLASSIC TV-- not that George Lopez shit), and by god, TV Land showed one of these throwback commercials, and it's never left me. I still get "Brusha brusha brusha" stuck in my head every so often:

    Sorry, can't help it:
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    #235 StarkRavingMad, Jan 11, 2019
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  16. Classic! That's the TV Land I miss as well (and Nick at Nite for that matter).

    They still remember Bucky up in Canada!

    For me though, it was the Pepsodent theme my mom loved very well when she sang it to me back in the 80's!

    It was necessary!
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  17. From the very first time. Seriously. It's amazing. You won't ever forget it.
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    Guts Gets Some

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    Pointandlaugh Lookin' for the good stuff


  19. Good representation of Texan ads.
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