A Cyborg Magician Explains Why She Implanted 26 Microchips And Magnets In Her Body -


Are you now, or have you ever been?
Am I missing something with the line about his cat? Is he claiming he can talk to the cat through implants?

And that "magic trick" was shitty. Digging a needle into your arm isn't any sort of trick. Any weirdo with a very high pain tolerance could do it.

I wouldn't be interested in seeing any magician using this shit. I wanna see amazing sleight of hand, not some tranny sticking things to his bolt on titty magnets.
He's got a proximity device that triggers a digital recording playback on something the cat wears. Pathetic.


The Yellow Rose of Victoria, Texas
Imagine how fun this will be for them if they end up knocked unconscious and taken in for a MRI.
...this, except over two dozen times, and coming out of your skin (possibly going thru bone, if it's in the way).

"Perforated troon" instead of "lady sawed in half" -- I'll pass on that magic trick.
I imagine they will do an x-ray first to make sure there's no metal implants hidden in the body before they do an MRI.

But I hold out hope that one day they will walk too close to a powerful electromagnet like in a scrapyard or in a really powerful running motor, then - riiiiip!


Tanith’s Worst and Only
I've always had an interest in the "grinders" and "biohackers" ever since I read an article a long, long time ago about them in Popular Science. They do some crazy shit like put magnets in their fingertips to feel magnetic waves, RFID chips in their arms for some reason I don't really get, one dude can hear color now, someone has little speakers in his ears, it's crazy.

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