A Cyborg Magician Explains Why She Implanted 26 Microchips And Magnets In Her Body -


Imagine how fun this will be for them if they end up knocked unconscious and taken in for a MRI.
...this, except over two dozen times, and coming out of your skin (possibly going thru bone, if it's in the way).

"Perforated troon" instead of "lady sawed in half" -- I'll pass on that magic trick.
Two minor points. MRI is generally not used on an unknown unconscious patient. MRI isn't a system used for Trauma or emergency imaging. Those always use CT. CT, X-Ray and in some cases Ultrasound are what the ER would throw at you. Also internal metal is ok for MRI in most cases, so long as it is anchored to bone and fully healed. So orthopedic screws and plated don't cause a problem (beyond image artifact in the immediate area). Things anchored to tissue such as vascular clips, pacemakers, etc are what you want to avoid.

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What, those computer chips don't hold terabytes of spells and incantations? What bullshit. Came in here expecting some Shadowrun shit.

Cyborg Mexican? is that like Megaman but with a leaf blower instead of his buster weapon?
No, that's Air Man. Even then, don't underestimate the leaf blowers, they'll tear you to shreds.

Then again, I suppose Wood Style from Battle Network counts too. Even for software though, watch out for that shit, the Blower will likely fragment your PC to shit.

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I've always had an interest in the "grinders" and "biohackers" ever since I read an article a long, long time ago about them in Popular Science. They do some crazy shit like put magnets in their fingertips to feel magnetic waves, RFID chips in their arms for some reason I don't really get, one dude can hear color now, someone has little speakers in his ears, it's crazy.
I can hear color too, and I didn't have to implant anything to do so. I just had to say as much without any way of checking if I'm full of shit or no.


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Your culture will adapt to service us.
Resistance is futile.

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I think that’s called Synesthesia. This dude has a camera on his head and some shit in his skull that turns the visuals into sound because he’s completely colorblind.
I have synesthesia too, but I can see sounds. I was pretty surprised when I learned that not everyone can do that.

These “cyborgs” are just fucking posers. This guy being the exception.


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I have synesthesia too, but I can see sounds. I was pretty surprised when I learned that not everyone can do that.

These “cyborgs” are just fucking posers. This guy being the exception.
Synesthesia is just when one sense 'activates' another sensory reaction. Taste sounds, hear colors, just any combination of senses is classed under synesthesia.
EDIT: I misread your comment, never mind. I'm an re.tard.


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So it begins.... Machine cult niggers when?

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