A few words about (public) vulgarity. - Aka: why you shouldn't cuss

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Saw something nasty in the woodshed.
On the one hand I agree with OP, on the other hand I like swearing too much to give it up.

Haim Arlosoroff

Archpolitician June Lapincal
My inebriated reply was along the lines of "It's just a word, get over it." or something slightly less coherent than that.
Communication is a two person job, you have to speak with a genuine gravity that signals who and what this is in front of the listener that he has to parse, understand and most importantly be thinking that you care about something he cares about before anyone, even the goddamn simpletons of this world, cares that you are thinking out loud at him. Qualities (as of emotion) underlying the surface of an utterance or action, learn them.

The ability to articulate your points clearly, the ability to create or control emotion in your listeners, and the ability to convey integrity and goodwill.

They help with communication. They can be profane, but a naked question sometimes does more because it makes the listener question what they just said. Less is more.

He explained: "Words have power, and you WANT them to have power. If you use a powerful word needlessly, that word loses its power. And if you don't want your words to have power, why use them at all?" (paraphrase).
Which came first, weightiness being associated with:
  1. the force that attracts a body toward the center of the earth, or toward any other physical body having mass.
  2. extreme or alarming importance; seriousness or solemnity of manner.
You might think that the act of falling might come first, and you would be wrong. Gravitās, meaning pregnancy or heavy presence, was one of the ancient Roman virtues that denoted "seriousness". In the early 17th century, Galileo Galilei found that all objects tend to accelerate equally in free fall. In 1632, he put forth the basic principle of relativity. The existence of the gravitational constant was explored by various researchers from the mid-17th century, helping Isaac Newton formulate his law of universal gravitation.

Words have weight to them, which is like power but attractive rather than destructive. Gravitas really is the best metaphor of the soft power of verbiage. Profanity just has a brevity to it when used right. You got to use both.

he's a Seventh Day Adventist preacher who disdains any foul language. He was a bit of a male Karen who would scold you for any "bad word." One day, maybe a year prior, I heard a story about this guy (I'd like to tell you I was there but I'd be lying). He apparently was with a group who knew him well and knew to hold their tongue around him. It was him that dropped an "S-bomb." If it was anyone else, few would notice. Maybe a scolding from him would occur and that would be that. But HE said it.
This was apparently cause for everyone else in the group to stop what they were doing and see what was going on. He was apparently heated over something I don't remember the details of. But the point is that he was MAD and wanted EVERYONE to know it, and they did. If anyone else said "shit," nobody would care. But because it was uttered by a man who despised the word, it held that much more power.
The weight of words is to attract the ear and that lesson is mandatory as the social reality overtakes the actual reality in late civilizations, there just are too many people today. You'll need to speak better than grow food, or fashion clothes.

The powerful drug of society eventually drives the common man to sterility or discipline, our speech is just one method of resuming control. Although a different control of ourselves than before the population density of our times when were too few of us to worry about having to rise above the masses simply to breathe. Now though, in the uneven outcomes of bioleninism and capitalism you can find the articulate among the leadership everywhere. It is the modern combat of "Frame Game", you speak well and people will give you time and attention.

Imagine being out-debated by a nigger driving a taxi and then posting about it somewhere because you know he can't read and give a rebuttal and school you a second time.
Matthew 21:16, the most innocent and simple speak wisdom the clearest. I would have liked to heard the phrase from the driver's own mouth rather than an agenda-post but such is life.

Fucking cussing is the fucking bitches tits. Fuck yea
Ain't that the fucking truth, you can fuck masterfully or you can just enjoy yourself. If you haven't seen a way for those to be opposites then you haven't mastered whatever you think you're good at. Lonely is the man at the top because he does it all for prestige. Middle of the grade, and having fun is the best way to speak, fuck, and just about everything.

Context matters of course. There was a time, on a slow work day, where I told my Hindu coworker: "[Hindu]! You... are a currynigger!"
His reply: "Fuck you, you're a white nigger."
I then feigned offense and responded with:
Fuck you
I am
a snownigger!
And we all just busted up laughing (Hindus are alright tbh).
Vulgarity expresses a base expression better than sophistication. Look at the left's anti-racism rainbow coalition efforts and then look at Right-wing entertainment, all kinds of people have fun being in a crowd for something. I don't think anyone but a narcissist can enjoy a gay pride parade, its all theater without any reality. Form without substance is just depressing, but raw substance without any attempt at diplomacy actually says something. You can see something of the other person, otherwise its all just a fountain of meaningless bullshit.

if you want to break a cussing habit, work retail, customer-facing positions
I worked at a store which was robbed, I knew there wasn't going to be violence when I was just emotionally honest about how little I gave a shit. I was mopping, did he mind if I just kept at it? I wasn't the guy who worked the counter. He stepped out of my way and apologized for messing the floor up.

You learn how to be dishonest and honest working customer service, I even miss it sometimes in the rear-view mirror. People respect you when they can categorize you, you can fuck with people a lot when you know how to play with that. You're smart, you're dumb. You're prideful in your work, you couldn't give less of a shit.

Nothing is better than 'losing an argument' because you played dumb to someone else playing the same game. Nothing gets them madder, an old lady once dropped her dementia/crocodile tears/simple tone and started very professionally bargaining with me about ISP service she had with us. Manager picked that call to grade me on, didn't know what to make of my upsells.

The only time I've ever called someone a nigger directly was some white skinhead looking motherfucker wearing a leather jacket with a confederate flag on it, riding a motorcycle and who cut me off in traffic. 3 seconds after cutting me off we had to stop at a red light. I pulled up beside him, yelled: "YOU FUCKING NIGGER!" and he proceeded to lose his goddamn mind, likely more than an actual black person would have.
Try that with "South Asians" they get murderous, Indian girls want to be white so badly because they think they're oppressed in India and deserve better for no reason when women like that are the downfall of India. Vampires draining the society of anything for children and giving nothing back until they're brought under control or society falls. Selfless women enable great civilizations, and selfish women destroy every civilization.

I mean if a woman is acting like a dumb cunt then I'm going to call her a dumb cunt
I meant to hurt her feelings because she's being a dumb cunt
"If you run into an asshole in the morning, you ran into an asshole. If you run into assholes all day, you're the asshole."-Raylan Givens, Justified

Now you might be a dumb cunt too if that is all can you find to hang around with, but sometimes a woman is just a dumb cunt and needs to leave or I do. I've never ended dates and regretted it, not enough time in the day to fix how a dumb cunt reasons. My stuff is good/bad, but their shit is expressive and unable to be criticized?

But if you call every dumb cunt a dumb cunt, then any particularly dumb cunt who knows your tendency to call dumb cunts dumb cunts will not feel the full force of being called a dumb cunt because the dumb cunt already knows you call any old dumb cunt a dumb cunt.
That's what I'm getting at here.
It always stings, but sometimes mix it up with "how could anyone love someone who does that?" in a real quiet confused tone like. That's the nuclear bomb get far once you drop it because whatever WAS there ain't no more.

I would rate you autistic BUT @Null TOOK AWAY OUR DAMN RATINGS
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