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For individuals with extensive history (online footprint) an OP can't be as good as a wiki article, which is why I was a proponent for the lolcow wiki. An OP can only be edited by it's author or mods, and posting replies is a good way to get info out quick for discussion but poor for organization and managing topics (see CwCki for a good model). My understanding is that the Lolcow Wiki died because no one was updating it so it suffers the same issue as no one updating the OP.


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Make it available to newbies to lurk only with a twist, if they enter the PG, they will have a phrase stating they are a newfag for every message they post on the site.
This is how I run mine. I have a few options actually. I can set a post count, allow them to view the thread but not be able to reply, replies are posted pending approval by a set mod of the thread, global moderator or myself (admin) or even set a time frame. Newbies can only post once every 30 mins helps when spammers wanna shit up the site. I'm unsure about this platform but must be something close. I run SMF, which is old, dated but still has a lot ways to customize the forum. It was my first forum software and it grew on me and now I can't seem to quite let it go....lol
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So you're actually deleting-deleting Proving Grounds? I thought the policy was not deleting anything unless it relates to a set of ground rules (subject is obvious minor, etc.)


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One thing that's been mentioned several times, is the value of having a hidden subforum, where people can post potential threads without giving the lolcow warning.

I was the second member to try and start a thread on Adrian Harrop, an individual who keeps tabs on the Kiwi Farms. Both I and the member that had posted previously were able to make edits and adjustments, without him being able to view. Much of the feedback we got was useful, relating to formatting archiving etc.

However in both cases the amendments we made didn't result in the threads being moved out of PG. IMO the initial decision seemed to have been the final one.

Anyway I think there's a case to be made for a restricted subforum where OP's can be developed before going public. However any thread should automatically have a chance to migrate onto a main board.


I think it's easier to have a reactive system than a proactive system. Expecting someone from a team of people not paid to vet and fix threads at all is just not going to work.
I'm quasi-late, but what if we assign a mod (or multiple mods?) to work specifically in the Proving Grounds? Would that work? Forgive me if this is a stupid question, but aren't our mods already contributing in a volunteer capacity? Otherwise, I think Option 2 is best.
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