A Final Solution to the Wiki Question -


It's in the OP of this thread.
Sorry, the OP said the wiki was "abandoned" which explains why there's a lack of people updating it, but why was it taken down completely? The hosting cost was zero. I found it still pretty useful for handing people a dossier on Brianna Wu and others

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Thoughts on the previous highlight button.

My first inkling was it would clutter up the interface too much, but centering it around the Highlight gives it a nice symmetry.

It also solved another gripe I had that there was no visual feedback when you're at the end of the queue. That's fixed, so, well done.

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Thank you, Null, for the amazing highlight feature. I now find myself going into every other thread on my watchlist and being like, "ten new pages? fuck that. Next highlight."

You have probably saved hours of my life already. gj fren