World A Former Alt-Right Member's Message: Get out while you still can - Once notorious for her racist and bigoted tweets, Katie McHugh saw the dark insides of the white nationalist movement.

дядя Боря
I liked this:
the white supremacist core of the alt-right
so the nucleus of the alt-right are white supremacists. Well, what the fuck was a jew doing there, never mind all the colored people? This reminds me of that skit of the blind negro clansman. It makes no sense, which is exactly you need to do to swallow this propaganda bullshit: suspend reality and common sense.


Are you now, or have you ever been?
This is essentially a trophy kill on display, and a veiled threat.

Don't cross us or we will ruin your life.
Not to drag in a bunch of kulturkampf bullshit but look at the Vic Mignogna situation. Look at the Bill Webb situation. They are taking out of each other's playbooks, and it is identical in tone to this: do as we say or else we will destroy you. In their largess, the people who set out to destroy Vic said "Take a few years off, admit what you did, and beg forgiveness, and we might let you have your career back." Stacey Dellaforina just posted on Facebook either this morning or last night the exact same screed about Bill Webb. Now this, same thing: don't cross us, or we'll ruin your life. The people tearing at Webb and Mignogna are all hissing and pointing at Ty Beard and Nick Reikeita and calling them "alt-right".

It's a different topic but the tactics are exactly the same.

Tasty Tatty
Did they seriously expect any reasonable person to sit down and have to wade through that entire article without getting the point 2 paragraphs in?
I tried to read it and I think this was the problem: this woman, a Jew, joined the "alt-right" because she realised muslims were a problem that needed to be solved... until she realised the "alt-right" has more problems with Jews than with muslims and she wanted out.


K. K. K. Rool
I tried to read it and I think this was the problem: this woman, a Jew, joined the "alt-right" because she realised muslims were a problem that needed to be solved... until she realised the "alt-right" has more problems with Jews than with muslims and she wanted out.
The article (and many like it) exists solely to try and convince people who still read articles like this (i.e. boomers) that "the alt-right" is some sort of official party in American politics, with elected leaders and official positions.

If these articles succeed in doing that, they can dredge up any old bullshit written by whoever (especially their own actors, like Miss McHughstein) and paint the alt-right as some sort of American equivalent to the Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei. By doing this they'll have legitimized the group's existence in the eyes of the public, successfully identifying an enemy their slew of insane idpol drones could actually defeat: someone with nearly 100 years of well-funded worldwide propaganda disparaging them.

If it isn't obvious by now (and it seems to be, based on earlier replies) the alt-right is entirely manufactured. There's racists on the internet, there's racists in real life, and every last one is vindicated by belonging to an esoteric, casual collection of shitposters who intentionally evade official categorization. None of them have any interest in becoming a brownshirt for any party, even one they really support, because it's not easy and it didn't work in the past. Being "a nazi, for real" and trying to be taken seriously is like trying to kick-box a saltwater crocodile underwater. It's not going to fucking work and they know it, no matter how much data they have and how right (at least in some ways) they may be.

But like everything else about the modern left this article exists solely to subvert, not help anybody. The alt-right is a nebulous group (if it can even be called "a group") and thus there's nobody to politely inform the public of what these fuckwits are trying to do. If you're a boomer and actually want to know what the alt-right is, consult this handy chart:


Angry Shoes
It's fun to see all these grifters that hopped on the alt-right bandwagon suddenly disavow it when it isn't convenient to support anymore.

See also: Baked Alaska

The alt right isn’t a gang, tard.
It's a gang OF tards. The only people left who still consider themselves 'alt-right' are a small group of very vocal spergs. The same thing happened to the far left after Bernie lost. Every supporter of value abandoned them and left a bunch of speds to hold the bag.

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