A genie offers you any amount of material wealth you desire to trade places with Amber for 5 years. - Name your price!

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"endless free time, no work and no responsibilities"

Who needs a genie for that? You've described the life of a trustafarian, a kept woman (or man) -being kept doesn't mean you have love, or someone on disability for a bs reason.

But if I take the genie's offer and say 5 trillion dollars, what happens to my life for 5 years? Does the clock reset when I get to go back to being me? Is it 5 years later and I've missed 5 years of my life? Has someone like amber managed my life and now I'm fat, in debt to the gills, own nothing and have no marketable skills because the past 5 years of "my" life have been stagnation?

Why am I even contemplating this?
Only a moment passes in your normal body. So 5 years happened in a single blink. You have no memory of the experience. You're just a little confused to see ankles where there used to be sequoia trees.


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Not worth it.

No amount of money, no extravagant material items like gold or diamonds or a 20 million dollar mansion full of gorgeous women, endless sex, every amenity in the world, or the best healthcare money can buy or living like a queen not having to work another day in my entire life is worth even 5 minute of living in THAT body, in THAT bedroom, in THAT state of mind and abominable physical hygiene. None.

There's nothing that would make me agree to live in ALR's body with all of her mental illnesses for 5 years.

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Dude, Amber is in constant pain. No way would I want to be her for any amount of wealth. I can be a lazy sack of shit in my current body. Also, if I had absolutely no responsibilities I would want to do stuff once in a while, which she can't. She can basically only do stuff that's seated and can't ride in cars for too long and basically is even more limited than many elderly people. I would be so bored.

TL;DR It's one thing to be lazy knowing you can do anything you want, it's another thing to be lazy because you're physically incapable without inscrushiateen pain


You lost me when you said we'd have to TRADE bodies. Let's say that I can eat 1,700 calories per day right now and maintain my weight. Then Amber comes along in my body and eats her usual 7,000 calories per day, which gives me a surplus of 5,300 calories per day. It takes a 3,500 calorie surplus to gain one pound of fat, so that's a gain of 1.5lbs per day.

Now, taking into consideration that as one gains weight, you can have more calories to maintain, and the weight gain will eventually slow down, but 5 years is more than enough time for me to return to my body at 570+lbs, easily. So it's not just a 5 year prison sentence, you're in it for life.


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I'm glad my magical teachings are rubbing off on you gorls. Genie's are never to be trusted! They are like a monkey's paw, the only right answer is to not play their games. You take that lamp, bury deep beneath the earth, and tell that genie to go to hell!

Also I already predicted her death in under 5 years. You would be dead while she gets a new a new body to eat into oblivion while abusing all your loved ones around you. It's just not worth it. 🧙‍♂️