A genie offers you any amount of material wealth you desire to trade places with Amber for 5 years. - Name your price!

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5 years living like amber for anything I want? Sure, why the fuck not. Amber is unhealthy, sure, but her condition is not chronic, she can fix herself, with a little bit of work. Essentially, you would have to work hard for 5 years in order to never have to work again, sounds like a bargain to me.

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Not five years, but yeah, I'd do it for maybe two, for a billion dollars. Not gonna PL, but if she had to live in my body (and not, say, in the Phantom Zone), she wouldn't be able to blow it up to even 200 ellbees. She'd whine, but my friends and family would just tell her to get over that shit. In the meantime, I'd be losing all that fat she porked herself up with, getting some health insurance, changing the eating habits, and in general being a regular human being instead of a shitty, narcissistic cunt who lives in her own reality bubble where she's a dainty princess and as fine a writer as Shakespeare. And you bet I'd be filming THAT shit for her youtube channel. Probably get better views, too.


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If it's physically taking over her body.. I'd want a house and a car.

Then I'd do fat porn (not to be mistaken for feeder. Gotta keep the heifer alive for 5 years so I can escape.) Setup a bank account dedicated to it and just do a shit ton of things with her body for the $$$. Not gonna lie. It's nasty as fuck but I can blindfold myself and add it to the kinks.

Granted, my body may be 600lbs, or riddled with STDs from all the men you know she's gonna fuck, by the time I get it back- so is it really worth it?
If it was guaranteed she wouldn't be able to do shit in my body then sure.

I'd try to make that fat ass lose some weight and do some positive life changes happy in the fact that I was improving my home for the next five years, but also in the fact that since money wouldn't be an issue I could live in a manner to which I aspire.

It also meant I could do a lot of dumb shit as Amber.


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Never... Never... Never... Never... Never... Never... Never!!!

Besides, you don't fuck with Genies, especially NOT Djinn - which this clearly and specifically is. I'm having a hard time keeping my own ass in shape while I get my life together, as it is. Also, NOT being able to leave the house... Even to take a nice, long walk and think about things? Really?!

Why would I want to be in worse shape than I was in my mid 20's, anyway??? Just so some dumb bitch who doesn't know anything can get obese and learn nothing from it all fucking over again when she sees the easy tugboat she can make off of idiots stupid enough to fall for her fake sobbing about how life hard is and shit - when it's not my fault, but only your own that she sucks?!

Yeah... NO. Just NO. Good day, my good sir/ma'am/whatever. I'll make my pay like everyone else, while keeping myself and my life in actual shape, unless this fucking pig-bloat disgrace to actual women, everywhere, has done so far, thank you very much.
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If I was in Amber’s body, it’ll be pretty bad. I’ll first start by downloading 30 Day Fitness Challenge, Lose It! Calorie Tracker, and Maipo. Then I start doing said 30 challenge from the easy level then progressively move up to hard level and set my goals to loosing 1kg each week.

Also the kind of content on her channel would completely change. All Mukbangs will be followed up with an intense workout session.


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Enough billions to build magical loving residence homes with financial trusts for every single homeless dog on this planet. And a smith and wesson and a single bullet to shoot myself in the head immediately afterwards so I don't have to live the beanbag lyfe a second longer than necessary after thats done