A genie offers you any amount of material wealth you desire to trade places with Amber for 5 years. - Name your price!

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I don't know how much AL is making these days but the $10k a month or even $15k a month is not really alot and not enough to want to live in her body. You'd also have to have some type of sex/affection with Becky and couldn't touch yourself down there to wipe or whatever. You'd have alot of money but couldn't fit in any clothes and buy big ugly earrings for your fat head.

I even stopped watching her... she became so boring. The same videos, sitting down showing torrid clothes, some illness she doesn't want the haydurs to know about. Not sure how her videos get over 100k views. except the rotisserie chicken mukbang is over 200k but she was trolling and only ate half.

The Fifth Waltz

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Amber's life is shit but the thing I'd do is sign everything over to myself, transfer funds into my bank and upload feeder videos to pornhub/any site that will take them.