A Guide On Ratings/Stickers - What are ratings and what do they mean?

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it sucks that people who make genuinely decent threads on horrifying or gross individuals get vote-bombed with "islamic content" and lose points as a result
Agreed, I don't think the Islamic, Deviant, or even Lunacy rating should detract the points. Ultimately, it doesn't matter, but all three of those ratings are mostly used in regards to Lolcows and not users.

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I love getting Islamic/Lunacy ratings. Who gives a fuck if it detracts from your reddit karma score? Getting those rates usually means you posted some genuinely fucked up or bizarre shit. Those are the best types of posts.

Whenever I see the Islamic Content rating, I like to imagine a small group of Taliban fighters sitting cross-legged in the Afghanistan steppe lands, while an Imam reads them the offending Kiwi Farms post and explains its significance within the Islamic faith.

When these boards reach their natural or unnatural end, all posts that have been marked as Islamic Content should be compiled into a book which should be printed, as one final departing piece of merch, and then aggressively marketed as a successor to the Quran.