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My third strike is less conclusive but hear me out. While talking about the amazing labor relations of tsarist Russia the author says
Which the author relies on a single secondary source as citation for a quote from a US President.
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Despite extensive online searching, I could find no online sources demonstrating Taft ever said this. The only instances of that quote online are people citing the author Stephen Goodson.

But this stuff about the tsarist labor movement is not true. Imperial Russia was not good for workers. Strikes were a wide spread phenomenon. 1905 Bloody Sunday the tsar's soldiers shot down unarmed workers marching to deliver a petition to his winter palace. Yes in 1906 workers won the right to organize, but that alone does not solve 11 hour work days or a series of general strikes overnight.

The Struggle for World Power, Revolution, and Counter-Revolution is unavailable as an Ebook and I'm not buying it to check a quote. But I do not beilieve that by Taft's presidency in 1909 Imperial Russia became this wonderful perfect world for workers that Goodson quotes.

The fact that this quote does not appear anywhere else on the internet and that if Taft did say this he would have been dead wrong is enough for me to call, Strike three.
Just trying to white knight for Tzarist Russia economy is already insane, for obvious reasons.