a lot is going on right now (prerecorded) - 06/16/20 -


She looks like an overinflated egg with rubber bands. At her size, 10-20 lbs can be nothing, even just water and it can go up and down. Additionally, she can't expand forever, her heart is not getting stronger and every movement carries all that weight. There are ways to operate without cutting through the blubber, it's possible to do it through her natural opening and some poor surgical residents will have to keep the layers of fat on the side.

Probiotics by definition are helpful but she's how she is. I think her cancer treatment is at this point like trying to pour out water from a sinking ship with a spoon. Her fat will kill her but as long as gullible people keep bringing money in she's staying gigantic.

Situation Type Deal Gorl

Fuck your feelings, nancypants
"If something's working for me, I don't care how many times it's failed." Maybe I can't get enough of my head into the Amberverse lately but even trying to use what passes for logiv with her, I can't wrap my head around that.
Just mind blowing how stupid she is, seriously.

She's been very overwhelmed by cooking. I strongly suspect as she gets into the testing than having to think about treatment options, she's going to turn into a complete Prima Donna. I can see her having Becky brush her hair because "she's so tired". Before she even has any treatment, whatever very minor amount of 'work' she does around the house, she'll stop doing. No folding laundry, dishes - forget it.
I know what I'd say if she couldn't brush her own hair: "Fine, I'll shave your head, problem solved." She doesn't do anything around the house anyhow, so no big loss there for the microscopic level of work she does, like sitting on her ass putting clothes on hangars so Becky can put them in the closet.

She mentions she switches up eating plans because she gets bored. Boredom shouldn't be a factor in a weight loss plan - unless you've sent 5 weeks rotating the same 3 meals! If you're losing weight, stick with what you're doing. If you're not losing weight or are having some uncomfortable gastric problems, then change but other than that...
This is not an adult way of looking at the world. But this is Big Al, so....

She mentioned she was having stomach issues & maybe needed probiotics. That's the possible foreshadowing I was referring to - is it in any way related to her diagnosis? The pre-recorded videos may end up being a little creepy that way.
Stomach issues because she eats like shit, and when she does switch to something like Freshly, because it isn't all processed garbage that her system is used to, her stomach gets upset.

this video has alot of that going on. she's said she only has 50 something pounds to lose to reach her goal by the beginning of next year. guess she realizes now she has to lose more like 200 pounds.

she was stuck at 500lbs for months but now she's down 10 pounds since her mom came to visit. either she doesn't want to binge and eat enough for 6 people in front of her mom or her mom has her doing some type of diet. wonder if it'll be short-lived motivation or it's not looking good for Becky.
Definitely short-lived. She'll be right back to her gluttonous ways when MamaMeth leaves.

But will the doctor be dead white and shaking when he gives her the results? 🤷‍♀️
Oh, of course he will. Because it's going to be the worst thing he's ever seen, and tell her it's a miracle she's still alive (actually, that last part would be believable, since I can't even fathom how Big Al and the people on MSHPL are still alive). Then he'll tell her they need to start *now*, when what he is really going to tell her fat ass is to lose some weight so they can safely operate.