A Message From WillM3LuvTrains, the So-Called "Sperg"

Poriba Jap 8

Dec 9, 2019
I just have ONE last thing to say to you people, and then I'm out of here forever! I was going to say it on the article about me but I got thread-banned and I'm sure I'm gonna get banned altogether from this forum and you know what, I don't care! I hate this website! Enjoy reading this!

Not only am I NOT going to delete my Deviant Art account or my Fur Affinity account, but I AM GOING TO keep drawing pictures of male cartoon characters standing to pee, that's what I do! And I AM NOT going to let either of you or anyone else force your opinions on me or try to scare me out of it, especially now that I know some truth about you guys. I now get your purpose is to make fun of people, not send an air-strike on anyone. And I'm sorry I assumed the worst out of you guys, I really am even though you don't deserve to be apologised to, but I was wrong to assume you'd do things to me like beat, kill, and especially rape me, I shouldn't have said that, although I hope none of you are planning to do any of that! I don't care if you don't accept my apology, I know you won't!

But I am not going to stop drawing cartoon characters going to the bathroom just because you want me too. And if you wanna keep making fun of me for it, go ahead, I cannot dictate what you guys do anymore than you can what I do! Besides you're the ones who have to live with yourselves! I have to live with myself too!

Wanna know why I don't like seeing males sit on the toilet, it makes them look more girly, less masculine. I mean if they're going to sit to pee that's fine as long as I don't have to see it or am not forced to. I also don't like seeing anyone Number 2, I just don't and don't really care about it and just don't find it attractive, even with cartoon characters. But again, I don't care if anyone number 2s, it's natural and I've come to accept it as part of life, but I still rather not see it. I admit I find it interesting when male Cartoon characters stand to pee, they just look cool like that to me and it's rare to see. I used to think cartoon characters never did that, even thought they didn't have private parts although they had butts and I thought all cartoon characters did was go number 2 when using the bathroom. But after watching a few cartoons and learning they're just like us and not much different than us, can even do more than we can, and actually seeing some cartoon characters stand to pee, now I know cartoon characters do that and virtually everything else real people do! I still find it amusing though, I don't know why I just do. Oh and I am not scared to Number 2 sitting down. Going number 2 is not my favorite thing to do or my favorite thing to see anyone do, but I don't mind it happening.

And it's not like I'm drawing genitals or people talking about or looking at each other's genitals, I try to keep it PG rated. And there are pee pictures even I think are inappropriate and wouldn't collect! That's another reason why I draw the pictures the way I do although you still mock it! And I DO NOT try to draw pornography, even I think that's wrong and would bother my conscience if I saw it! I also don't write stories or draw pictures of anyone getting circumcised although I'm a firm believer in and supporter of circumcision! And for your information, I don't just draw little boys but I would draw men too, which admittedly feels better. And I AM NOT a pedo. I admit I am a messed up person, well we all are messed up people, i don't know anyone who isn't. But I am NOT a pedo, but if you insist on thinking that crap about me, that's your problem, not mine! And I am NOT listening to you losers anymore and I am NOT going to let you scare me or affect me again!

If you wanna make fun if me, go ahead, I cannot stop you. I don't condone what you do and I don't expect you to condone what I do, but I cannot and won't try to stop you, the most I can do is yell at you, which is counterproductive and I hate yelling at and fighting with people too, even you guys! And again, I'm sorry I thought evil things about you and thought you were out to get me! But I am not going to change for you!