A Poem My Dad Wrote. -

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True & Honest Fan
I found this small paper today when I was cleaning my room for the big move.

It dates back to my father, and to a dog, Snidder, who pre-dated me by about 8 years. Snidder, by all accounts, was a fucking horrible dog. Constantly misbehaved, constantly fought, constantly bit people, and eventually was put down by the state when he got out and bit someone for the 9.2 billionth time. And not for lack of trying to keep him out of trouble by my folks. According to my relatives, Snidder survived some kind of disease as a puppy that just left him.... Not really right in the head. Dad never really spoke of it, but I believe this poem of his, found amidst a pile of useless personal papers of mine in an old journal, speaks volumes about how much he really cared for that dog.

I'm genuinely surprised I never saw it before today.

My dad and I have never had a great relationship; for lack of a better term, he abandoned me when I was pretty young. However, I cherish the few memories I have of him before he became a shameless asshole, and as such, this is a treasure to share with you, my Kiwis.

For Sniddy
You know I have been here
to see the full moon
the same moon that shone down
the day I was born
and these wrought iron gates
are so cold and austere
I just wish I could get
away from here

back to my people
they treated me real good
I turned my back on them
time and again
I now know why
they wanted me home
cause death was there waiting
for me all along

I wait for him patiently
in my one little cell
tomorrow's the day
he bids me farewell
to my masters I'm sorry
for all that I've done
god bless you all till
his kingdom come.

- Snidder