A Popular YouTuber Read the Christchurch ‘Manifesto’ to Half a Million Subscribers - Yikes!

Dutch Courage

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Not naming him is a special kind of cowardice and social engineering. Either you report the news or you don't. If half a million people have seen the video, what is the point of not naming him? And while I don't condone anything the Christchurch shooter did, his manifesto only represents "hate" from one certain perspective; what about all the other hateful manifestos written from other perspectives? Who is in charge of making decisions at YouTube about which manifestos are poison, and which are okay?

This kind of hide-your-head-in-the-sand approach to this very real issue of social media's role in helping disseminate the very information it claims to suppress will lead to no good outcome for anybody on any side...
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You Halloween idjiots gonna pay for this!!
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I think a lot of that comes from people not really being familiar with how forums operate compared to social media sites. For many of us here, we've been using message boards for 20+ years and some of us BBSes before that. Many of us understand you don't get instant attention (or even any attention) for something you post on a forum. Web 2.0 people seem to think if something doesn't gain traction or get immediate attention that it means to spam it more. It's sad but it's a predictable consequence of allowing the lowest common denominator access to the internet.
Agreed. I bet there's plenty right here that have never used a BBS, though. You're dating yourself to my time bracket! :P
I got disgusted with and gave up all social media a few years back. Everybody was like "Why did you delete your Facebook/Instagram/etc. account?" Uhhh, because you narcissistic bastards with endless selfies and here's what I ate for breakfast kind of shit just plain sucks balls and truthfully? I don't have the time or energy to even give a fuck about it or your "fweeings" anymore. DELETE.

I participate here and in a couple of other forums that I have an interest in and while some may argue that this is, in fact, a form of social media, they aren't anything like the instant self-gratification shit people seem to stay glued to on their cell phones these days. Plus, there's generally more intelligent life on a forum than I've experienced on social media.

You would be surprised how many actual old people are online.
GIT OFF MY LAWN!!!! :lol:

I remember helping get my mother "online" with AOL. Took lots of patience. AOL was the perfect solution for many older folk back in the day because it was basically the Internet like a bicycle with a set of training wheels -- you could take it out and ride it around the block safely without worrying about falling over or accidentally riding into a bad part of town. And OMG, I IS ON THE INTERNETS!!!!! Then you'd get the same 500 joke emails from Mom that had been spamming your inbox for years already. (Can't remember the last time I got a joke email these days).

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