A potential solution on what to do with the O&A Situation - Give a home for all the broken communities

Trigger Me Timbers

Reformed Kekistani
My idea was we could have a sub fourm along the lines of “Internet beefin’“ or “communities at war” for any fandom‘s or communities that have had a split or broken apart ala Opie and Anthony. each community could have there own tag.

Sam and Toki, Opie and Anthony, different iterations of the killstream and to a lesser extent biggest problem etc..

Any drama or beef updates from these broken communities can get their own threads with the correct tags applied to the community/universe it belongs to.

I have a feeling there’s probably a lot of communities like this, be a podcast/radio show/YouTube channel where the hosts broke up and/or the fandom split in two and they are constantly at war with each other producing lots of cows.