A Re-read of Infidel by Ayaan Hirsi Ali -

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Hello there fellow culture lovers. I have been contemplating doing a re-read of the book mentioned above:

Would anyone like to join me in this, in order to dissect and discuss this personal account of a person raised in the religion of Islam and how moving away from that culture gave her a clearer perspective on how warped this religion is?

Or alternatively just bring on the Islamic ratings, they really make my day.

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This... celebration of incest is very crudely made
Maybe, but I'm pretty Islamed out currently. Over the years I've read quite a bit about Islam, mostly Islamic terrorism, from authors such as Amir Mir, Ahmed Rasheed, and Michael Scheuer. While I do respect Hirsi for where she came from and the role she has created for herself in international scene, I really don't have an interest in her story particularly. You could probably pique my interest if you continue the thread.


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I know of Ayaan but I didn't know she had written books, I might join in once I have the time. Thought she was an interesting woman from what I've seen online. Do you know if her other books are worth a read?
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Well, that's all, folks
I agree with the other posters. I am really RoPPied out right now. But Hirsi Ali identified a lot of the issues with the RoP and does os clearly - and sets out some solutions. The basic problem is that at the heart of Islam is two doctrines "revealed" by a dehydrated illiterate sitting in a cave dreaming of 9 year olds: they are destined to rule the world because Allah told them and that they must hate all non-believers. From that is follows, according to their view of the world and their path to paradise and eternal sex, they have to either conquer and subjugate ALL others and turn them into dhimmis, convert them - or kill them.
It's all kind of simple. What could possibly go wrong?
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