A side hustle to assist with Amber's finances - Let's offer some solution-focused suggestions

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Queen of Nilbog
I think, in light of diminishing returns on her YouTube vlog nontent, Amber should turn her hand to the performing arts. With her pop-soprano vocals, her Chthonic dance moves, and her infamous fashionista stylings, Amber has the triple-threat nous to storm the charts with her debut album with her backup band The Sugars -- 'Gorl is a Laah'.

Featuring the hit singles 'Haydurs Gonna Hate', 'Kentucky Blues', and the dance floor #1 smash '200 Steps (Rest)' this album redefines what 'successful music' means.

Available in CD, cassette and coming soon, Vinyl.

"Vinyl is like old person speak for digital download"--Band member and enabler Becky 'Necky' I didn't research her last name.

Walmart-exclusive limited edition picture discs in jaundice yellow, beetus rose, and deathfat grey.
Not open for further replies.