A story from Secondlifer "Avok" - Ok, this time it's worth to post, but really, you be the judge.

Ballgag da Clown

Aug 21, 2020
Hey all,

I've just started here. I have found nothing but love and compassion from the community here. Even by the rules for being here, it's just where I feel serenity or that I'm among my brothers and sisters. I have a tid bit of information that I kind of need to share, something I have come across. Think of it as you will, but this is the only place I feel it will make a difference. Either to you, or in general. It's very sensitive and I know it's considered taboo, but I hope you will understand. Mods, I understand if you don't want this posted.

I have found the Mark. Many of you know what I am actually referring to. And I guess take it as you will. My ex bore this mark, it was/ is currently a birth mark, and she wasnt the only one with it.

It is a swastika with dots around the center, with birds outlining around it.

Like I said, take it as you will, but here is my supporting evidence.

She was an assassin. Now she runs the very organization she was brought up under. Her parents owned it, then they gave it to her. She is not the only one with the mark, as well, its on the back of her neck. What she told me was that they are bigger than any one government. At the same time, her partner revealed that there was more, and that there are other organizations. Her traits, she could run faster than the fastest man, her daily exercise, 30 or so miles a day, running, above 20mph. She could do it in 15 mins. Her partner, 6' something, could do it faster. She could speak over 50 languages, one of her mates told me this, I wouldnt say she never flaunted that. She graduated HS at least 3 times and was mainly there for contacts as far as I know. She even told me of times she wiped out villages for fun. I was in contact with one of her fellow members as she was on one of the biggest missions of her life as it almost ended hers. She doesnt Officially exist, there was even some ops in my city, Fyi, theres also a Northrop Gruman facility here. If you want to cross check that, go to their site and look at their company motto. As well as all the other things confirming or rather associating her, this, she actually taught me or showed me some things that led to where I am now, or rather helped me realize some things. I may have not needed it, but some things she said were kind of really on point. She also said "I dont know what I am" this I believe was an exaggeration considering I thought she still didnt know some things. Later when she took over the company, she also told me at the time shes making 3 mil a year, when she took over, she was telling me that there were things she didnt even know was possible. Also that God was real, and when I mentioned Adam and Eve, she told me I know nothing. I still dont know how to consider that. It was/ is part of my own research. Also, side note, they have their own airports. There is quite a Lot more, and basically she wanted/ tried to recruit me. Also, the recruitment, is kind of led up with this starseed thing. Its, well.... take it as you will. But I'm just letting you know the mark is here.

I know this is taboo, they can torture me im sure for sharing this, but as my brothers and sisters, I wanted to let you know what was/ is going on. This isnt a game, this isnt mindless wonder or hopes, wishes, etc, this is happening. I dont know what it means, but from what I've been shown. if you want more motivation to get ready for whatever is coming, this is it. There is no other place I would rather post this. As well, I trust you guys to trust me.

view this as you will, i have to delete it.