A Theory About the Left's Affection for the Criminally Violent.

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Haim Arlosoroff

Archpolitician June Lapercal
Jan 27, 2021
My perspective is that the Republican party and the Republican base are diametrically opposed to one another
That's not true, "lesser evil" arguments in the media have people wanting to side with the closest party to their personal politics. DeSantis is practically a folk hero to the anti-lockdown Right. People have fallen out of personal love for both parties, but they hate one party over the other, People are always carried along by the next campaign like cattle to the slaughter. I wish third parties could gather voters.

Watch Revenge of the Cis on Youtube if you want to understand the average Republican, they're jaded but fully open to being won over by a DeSantis presidental run. A Carlson/DeSantis Ticket would have them voting (R) straight down the ballot, completely trusting the plan like a Q-Tard.

Before you go off on a jew-hate tangent
That's my secret, I'm perpetually on a tangent.

This is strangely optimistic about our elite's competence and pessimistic about America's future. We are at USSR 1988 levels of distrust in our current crop of elites and their foot soldiers.
Republicans fresh from a CRT victory will ignore how bad things are in America, and Democrats will move past COVID once the "Dark Winter" is over. The population is compliant in the belief that they are alone and that they will suffer socially for even speaking out. COVIDians are completely fine with the hypocrisy of attacking an old white lady for not wearing a mask and then standing shoulder to shoulder with Blacks unmasked at a BLM riot, they don't see any issue with it.

The simplest and really only solution to governance is to devolve it to the smallest local polity. Let people - libtard or not - choose how they want to live, let them proper or suffer on their own merit. In the long run only the competent and loyal will survive.
Authority, like wealth, in a society is best distributed and diffused amongst the citizenry. I think we agree.

As for Democrats, red counties seceding from blue states and cutting off resources to them should be more than sufficient to make them suffer.
Greater Idaho is something I'm watching right now, but I don't think it will happen. West Virginia didn't change its borders over Guns, and I don't think there is going to be a bigger issue until people actually begin to get hungry. Once people run out of food then all bets are off. Domestic Terrorism and State Successionism won't be off the table if that happens. If. Otherwise people gravitate back into complacency when times are tough but they're personally surviving.

Serbian Peacekeepers

Spook's riding first class
Dec 12, 2020
I think the reason the left does , to a much larger degree , treat criminals as saints is because they believe they are the good guys and therefore can't do any wrong , so anyone who wishes to lock them up is a bad guy and is evil. This line of thinking justify all of the people treating the 2 people killed by Kyle Rittenhouse like heroes , "they were on our side therefore they were good guys , kyle killed them therefore he is bad guy" , that's why you see so many people try and relate real-world events to fictional media like star wars , they want to see everything as black and white (sometimes literally).


Non-binary they/them
Aug 17, 2018
Yeah I really wish libtards would stop equating posting Internet memes with actually ramming a SUV through 50 people on Christmas.
Yeah, I just like to meme about Uncle Ted.
But seriously Ted is right about everything and he had to bomb people because the Jewish elites would never allow his essay to be published otherwise.


Feb 23, 2021
Yeah, I just like to meme about Uncle Ted.
But seriously Ted is right about everything and he had to bomb people because the Jewish elites would never allow his essay to be published otherwise.
Lol the praise for Teddy has never left the Internet. Are you suggesting people call for his exoneration irl? He himself was neither left or right wing either.


gotcha, crouton
Nov 14, 2019
Honestly popping into this thread I was seriously expecting something among the lines of "the left is affectionate towards violent criminals because most leftists are white women that just want violent men let out to beat them and satiate their deep womanly desires to submit"
could have been more interesting, but then again the rest of deep thoughts exists so there's no need to look too far. thank you kiwifarms