A thread, for tips and resources to assist in research.

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I wouldn't start from here.
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Jan 15, 2019
There are already excellent bits of info on the website when it comes to archiving lolcows online intereactions, and I've found it really useful.

Could I make a suggestion that a thread be created (doesn't have to be this one) where people can post general information on researching lolcows safely and legally, which could serve to add to the quality and quantity of the information on Kiwi Farms.

For example (and this is just and example), a court case involving a lolcow is being held within travel distance of a forum member. Perhaps that forum member has never had any interaction with the court system and is not familiar with the process of going to observe a court case as a member of the public. Some tips and advice(reassurance and encouragement even) might be useful and would gain some additional info at a time when court reporting is dying.

Other tips could involve info on accessing public records, approaching public bodies for information, searcing for freedom of information releases. Anything that people have expertise in that they'd be willing to share.
Not open for further replies.