Disaster A Utah substitute told fifth graders that ‘homosexuality is wrong.’ She was escorted out after 3 students spoke up - Foster kid is thankful he’s going to be adopted, not so fast says God

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Yeah, look, you can completely remove the entire homosexuality angle from this.

In response to a fluff in-class holiday assignment, a teacher went off on a half hour long, completely off-topic tirade in the middle of class wherein she disparaged a 5th grade student's parents, and then when she was confronted about her behavior, the adult in charge of children blamed the 5th grade student for provoking her half-hour tirade by doing what she told him to do.

Fuck her
. This is not "thought crime" or anything of the sort. It's someone being an exceptional little monkey and getting slapped for it as they should have been. She acted like a spoiled child at every step of the way.


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I don't want my kids introduce to LGBTQ whatever bullshit but I also don't want some moral puritan exceptional individual try to tell them what to think either. Let children grow and figure out this shit on their own.

And to the faggots ITT saying, "Banned for wrongthink!" I bet you a True and Honest fan status that you wouldn't be singing the same tune if that teacher was fired for saying the opposite or telling kids white people are terrible.


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Enh. if you live in ClownWorld and take Clownworld's coin, you gotta sing Clownworld's song. Besides, why would you think going on a tirade against the homogay would work on a kid who's heavily emotionally invested in the two men who are adopting him? Especially if you live in an environment where (despite the religiousity,) such a thing is widely accepted? If you're against something, there's a time to openly declare your opposition to it, and a time to clam up, be polite, and quietly monitor the situation.

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Why can't y'all just be happy a kid is out of adoption care and has two loving parents? That's all I see. And the kid wanted to share he's thankful for them. Not everything has to be a political slapfight.
Because the Culture War is all-consuming and replaces all other desires over time with the urge to fight the Culture War. Almost all of our political lolcows are just demonstrating the terminal stage of the infection.

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This photo of the family is fun:
The top-daddy is a famous dancer mega-gay. That women chose the wrong gay to slay. Maybe if it were some obese middle-aged guy with a 16 year old rentboy husband she could have garnered sympathy, but she chose to smear a darling of gay-ass vapid women's television.

I think I see the real problem here.
Instead of substitute teachers they should dedicate those days to larping Lord of the Flies. How far can one class degrade in one single day? Who will come out on top? Tune in next time for...
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It's Utah.

Being LGBT outside of metro Salt Lake is basically an invitation for the Mormons to come harass you. The kids take seminary in PUBLIC schools and almost everyone is Mormon and slants to teach more church related shit even if your kid is known to not be.

Most people won't outright be an ass like the sub was but man it's always a big deal if someone isn't Mormon in a majority Mormon area.

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