A Utopia in 2050, according to an Australian Socialist Economist - Let's Critique

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Nov 15, 2018
The world population is supposed to be around 10+ billion by 2050 and the vast majority of that is going to be third worlders

Good luck doing anything except working 80 hours a week to protect your extremly competitive and extremely underpaid job in the soon to be cyberpunk hellscape

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I give it until about 2082, but he's probably right.

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Aug 29, 2018
What kind of real work will be done on the internet? Shitty youtube videos and art?
I think he means telecommuniting and such.

literally not feasible with current technology. large scale energy storage (which is mandatory when using solar and wind power) is way too expensive and inefficient for this to be viable.
i obviously don't know if this will change by 2050 or not, but neither does the author, and basing your policy recommendations on blind "tech will fix it" optimism is exceptional.
I think he and his other co-bloggers are big proponents of the "Green New Deal", as proposed by Kiwi Farm's favorite Congresscritter, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Yeah, I'm not optimistic either.

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Jan 18, 2017
This sounds like the story from the guy in like the 20th century who thought work would be gone by 1930. It was actually very rational and well thought out. Then it turns out human greed knows no bounds and doesn't really care about human misery or life.

There will be no Utopias. The upper class will not allow it. There will always be strata. There will always be a boot on your neck. Someone will always want to be better than you. And they will hurt you to do it. They will kill people to do it. They will cheat to do it. Simply because they can say: I am better. You aren't. CEO Pay is at 300%? Make it 400%. Now Make it 500%. Now make it 1000%. We own 99% of the wealth? We need that extra 1% for living space. You have a pleasure boat? I need a fleet of them because I'm better than you. You fly first class? I have a private plane. You live on the Upper West Side? I live in a gated mansion, manned by security 24/7.

Economic collapse? Doesn't matter. I will leave you in ruins and flee to an armored compound with all the beautiful people while you play Mad Max and rebuild the world. And then when you rebuild it, through blood, sweat and tears and generations of your family, I will come down from the mountains and take it from you, because I'm better than you.

So no, there will never be utopia. There won't ever be any justice. No one gets what they deserve, children. This is the story of our history, from now until our end. My suggestion is to fight for what you've got. Never give an inch. Because the second you give something up, they'll come looking to take more until you have nothing.
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Jul 30, 2018
I used to have a 30 hour workweek with Monday off, and reduced Friday hours, and it was eye opening. We really do not need the traditional 9-5 by 5 anymore, a lot of that time is just deadweight loss since technology has made working so much faster and efficient. People goof off at work because tasks take less time than they would have been expected to in the past, and it would be better for everyone's mental health, and sleep patterns if we switched to a 4 day work week.

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Mar 25, 2018
So absolutely no mention of how to get rid of the greed/corrupt facet of humanity? Will everyone have chips installed by big brother to prevent this?

Why does everyone think people only want power because they need things? Some people just really REALLY like to rule, or just to have more stuff than someone else. How does this utopia solve government corruption? So much government regulation, yet nothing on how that government is ran.

In shot, a super faggy idea conjured up by some super faggy individual.


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Oct 21, 2018
Ha ha, no seriously, thats's adorable.

This doesnt sound suuuuper utopian. i already have 35 hours a week and 6 weeks paid leave, my bank is a small local Bank(and i get super service).
Facebook is dieing anyway. Smaller service provider are on the rise since they have way less overhead, energie is getting greener,etc.
Sounds alot like future germany without sandpeople and negros.

but i have some problems with this, why is he talking about abolishment of private businesses?

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Feb 10, 2013
There is only one way that utopia for all humans can ever exist, and that is when you decide a number of human groups are no longer human because your system requires someone to be disposable. You can see it when you read the words of Hitler and Stalin, and you can hear it directly when you listen to spoiled socjus college kids snidely dismiss the suffering of anyone who hasn't earned their favor. Utopians always, always intend to sacrifice a class of disposables in order to bring about their vision, and they are usually so deluded that they can't even see anything wrong with it enough to hide their intentions.

How will you use social media sandbagging to get people fired from their jobs when everyone is getting a comfortable ubi? How will you ruin the lives of those who disagree when taking their job can't actually ruin their lives? Simple answer: get them kicked off of ubi. You can still call it "universal" because by disagreeing with the state, dissidents obviously don't count as human anymore, right?


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Jun 13, 2016
There are only two real ways a utopia could happen on Earth.

1. We get access to a source of almost unlimited energy that is easy to capture and store (fusion power)

2. Humanity unites into one purpose. (As in over 90% of earth population). Think of a U.N. that is actually a hegemony over every nation and can control what a nation does. A UN like the federal government and each country as a "state"

I highly doubt we could unite Earth any other way.

One single nation just doesn't sound possible unless you want to eliminate certain cultures. Not to mention the difficulty of said nation acquiring the world in the first place.

These two are the only way we will get close to a utopia. Communism/Socialism is definitely not the answer.

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Sep 11, 2018
At the cost of sounding no different than those people who use Harry Potter and [Current Year] media to describe everything, it reminds me of that scene from the first Matrix movie where Smith talks about humans wholesale rejecting the first version of the Matrix that was "perfect" because they innately knew something was not right. Any "utopia" especially a socialist one would have the same outcome.

Dostoevsky said something similar in Notes from Underground. The main character states that a utopia is impossible because if one ever were to exist, people would be ungrateful, and deliberately smash it to bits simply to exercise their free will. Mark Twain said the same thing about Heaven in Letters from the Earth, namely that people have no desire to sit around on clouds playing harps for eternity.

Maybe the Vikings had it figured out and paradise is an eternity of strife and bloodshed and getting drunk.


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Mar 29, 2014
There are only two real ways a utopia could happen on Earth.
There are people in positions of power with really shitty values who would likely prevent any post-scarcity utopia from coming to be. To them, there's just too much money and power to be had in keeping the world the shitty way it is to give it up.

It may sound "tinfoil hat," but it shouldn't be a big shocker if cheap fusion power is someday discovered, but kept secret by powerful groups like big oil corporations.
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Jul 25, 2016
Utopia is the lifeblood for socialism and communism. Without it no one would ever want to implement such a stupid idea. But to the actual marks that believe this 100 percent, utopia justifies the means.

Who the fuck cares how many people die? Utopia is worth it.

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Nov 14, 2018
Utopia is the lifeblood for socialism and communism. Without it no one would ever want to implement such a stupid idea. But to the actual marks that believe this 100 percent, utopia justifies the means.

Who the fuck cares how many people die? Utopia is worth it.

Here's a fun quote from 'What's Left?' by Nick Cohen:
When the British communist historian Eric Hobsbawm was asked if Soviet communism had lived up to its promise of a radiant tomorrow, would the loss of fifteen, twenty million people been justifiable, he replied at once, ‘Yes’.

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Jun 25, 2013
No, human society is too complex and people are too divided over issues that any type of utopia will be impossible to accomplish.
Don't think for one minute that it's not going to stop people from trying, with disastrous results every time.

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Aug 31, 2020
So they want a Star trek style economy and government structure. I mean that's cool and all but even in fake Star trek land that didn't really happen until they figured out a nearly unlimited source of energy and efficient matter to energy conversion.

You notice what you don't see in fake Star trek Utopia? Solar panels and wind farms.

Oops I meant energy to matter.
As I wrote in the Star Trek thread, Earth Utopia is built on colonies sending them the raw materials to make the replicators and shuttles work. Dilithium doesn't mine itself. I've never seen The Expanse, but from what I hear, it's coming from the same viewpoint.