a wednesday weigh in moment 05/06/20 -


Is mayonnaise a gender?
This is more likely than her being diagnosed with a host of different things in an initial, one hour visit. Not bipolar, not OCD, not ADHD, not anything except perhaps generalized anxiety and maybe (MAYBE) depression, with a dash of Munchausen's thrown in. I'd say she's a classic malignant narc though, and a pathological liar. That she's willing to take meds for crap she doesn't have would be mystifying for someone who "doesn't like to take pills" if we didn't know she trolls the world to the detriment of her health and has done so for years.

I had forgotten she was "diagnosed" on her initial session with the psychiatrist. Had I taken that into consideration I would not have made the comments that I did. She does seem hypomanic but that state could be from just about anything, including having her narc needs "fed" and the resulting energy from that.
The more I watch her and the more I think about her actions in comparison to the people I have been around with bipolar, her "symptoms" seem far too mild to be symptoms at all. It's hard to ever know with her because she withholds information and just straight up lies about things, but I suspect others are more on the nose with the personality disorders and/or ADHD vs bipolar. Shame on me for taking her at her word that she's bipolar. I know better than that.