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A Wrinkle in Time SaltAKA "why is the main character black?"

Discussion in 'Salt Mine' started by Fandom Trash, Jul 16, 2017.

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  1. Yo, first thread.

    Today, Disney put out a trailer for an upcoming movie adaptation of the Wrinkle in Time. A Wrinkle in Time is a science fantasy novel by Madeleine L'Engle. It's a book most middle schoolers/high schoolers are familiar with. The story can be hella confusing to read but highly entertaining once you get the groove of it.

    The reason people are getting upset about the trailer is the fact that the main character, Meg Murry, is black. Not only is she black, but her dad, the reason why the whole story happens, is white. Cue a bunch of people who either :

    1. Happy that Disney is bringing more poc to flims.
    2. Angry that Disney is pandering to the SJW and the left.
    3. Mad that the film does not look like its following the book at all.
    4. Annoyed that the movie looks like shit.

    Overall, people are mad.

    People argue that the story never really specified that the characters were white. The only thing that was said about Meg was that she "had mousey brown hair." Which in my opinion is used to describe caucasian hair.
    There's also the fact that Meg's mom happened to be a redhead so take that as you will.

    Also Oprah Winfrey is in the movie.

    Screen Shot 2017-07-16 at 7.03.54 PM.png Screen Shot 2017-07-16 at 7.04.14 PM.png Screen Shot 2017-07-16 at 7.07.55 PM.png Screen Shot 2017-07-16 at 7.04.43 PM.png
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    Fandom Trash

    Fandom Trash Just your typical tumblr trash

  2. I remember a time -- not too long ago -- when a movie cast's skin colors didn't shake up the salt.
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    ToroidalBoat Token Hispanic K-Farmer Friend
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  3. Disney hasn't followed the plot of an adapted book since before The Black Cauldron.
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  4. Lol, not another movie movie targeted at Millenials, SJWs, and trannies. I wonder how many autistic men dressed as 5-year-old girls will show up to make children feel uncomfortable at this premiere.

    This film is about alternate, fantastical dimension. I really hope OPL shows up and bends over to show off his stinky wrinkle in time.
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    Mariposa Electrique

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  5. Screen shot 2017-07-16 at 4.55.22 PM.png

    Well this explains everything.
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    Kari Kamiya


  6. Why was this required reading in middle school anyway? It was pretty dumb, and I don't think there was really any moral, aside from maybe 'be yourself' or whatever.

    Great that people are getting mad about miscegenation in a movie about a book for 6th graders though. Truly the best timeline.
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    ConcernedAnon Concerned and hopefully anonymous

  7. That effect in the end with the logo look straight ripped from Quantum break, this is the kind of thing kid's read in school in america? here we are were obligated to read things like this
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    Cubanodun Cyberpunk Slasher Detective

  8. Are they taking the piss? Whats next on the "First time a black person ticks off another box on the SocJus checklist?", the first black person to start sending out anthrax packages?

    Why do libtards constantly try to make out the small things like this as gigantic fucking events, as if they compare to the actual greats who just happen to be black?
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    Zebedee Providing mental diagnosis to e-famous degenerates

  9. I mean, the book cover even shows that Meg is white but whatever. This feels a lot like the whole black Hermoine discourse.
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    #9 R.A.E.L., Jul 16, 2017
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    R.A.E.L. Sugarbaby

  10. Black people honestly don't care, Disney
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    True & Honest Fan

  11. Black Hermoine was when I figured out J.K. Rowling is a rich lolcow.
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  12. Is Oprah's character going to give everyone a brand new car?
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  13. The main problem with converting books into movies is the fact people each image the book differently, there's not one set image, and even if there's a descriptive summary people will still interpret what they read differently.
    When I read Twilight they described Edward's adoptive mom as having "A heart face" so the entire time I was reading I just imagined her having a really small jaw and a large forehead like an animoo character.

    TL;DR You'll never be able to perfectly adapt a book into a movie because people interpret things differently.
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    Hen in a tie

    Hen in a tie There's a lack of Hens in ties on Google searches
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  14. Not that it really maters but in the original movie adaptation, one of the witches was black
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    thepianogeniusfromshine Counting down the days

  15. I always thought she just knew the HP fandom is literally psychotic and if she'd ever said otherwise, a fan might literallt try to murder her.
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    Uncanny Valley

    Uncanny Valley masshole
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  16. Thankfully, she's just as psychotic. Dumbledore being gay, for example, is literally meaningless and does nothing to alter the plot (except make his character a hotbed of pedophile jokes)
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  17. mix of that and the fact Rowling is an attention whore.
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    Hodor z-list shitposter

  18. Movie isn't based on a long-standing comic book franchise and isn't based on a fandom already entrenched in merchandise a la Harry Potter. Movie will -at best- be a return in investment, but will not becoe a groundbreaking success. People will decry that it is because 'Murica is fulla racists. Might with a few pity Oscars since Disney s attached to it, speaking of which, will parade around town about how good it is to be diverse, then when the cameras are off on them, will go back to making bank with more watered down comic book franchises, Star Wars, and the latest Disney Princess animated flick.
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    _blank_ The Charles Dickens of Disco
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  19. eh, could be worse. they could make her trans.
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    cuddle striker

    cuddle striker familial dna data is a bitch to sort through
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    The Great Chandler

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