Feedback A YandereDev subforum should probably be created - Alex Mahan and the internet community he has built up, all in one subforum

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Ramen Timer

My eyes are up here, pal.
So, since YandereDev has somehow managed to build up an entire community of autistic weeaboos, I thought: Maybe we should make a whole subforum for this.

The reason why I make this proposal was mainly because of the Love Letter thread, which not only had several people, Apeis, Outset, Gamesleuth, and many more, being revealed to be lolcows, or otherwise very exceptional individuals. That is an impressive number of lolcows that can be spawned from a single cow's lolmilk.

Of course, YandereDev and his "competitors" are definitely not the only shitty game developers, that we can openly mock. Hell, why stop at specific developers in general? For example, the community. Due to how easy it is to upload your own content onto there, it has an endless stream of shovelware and SJW visual novels that don't really bring anything new to the table besides a diverse cast.

Any existing thread based off of drama surrounding similar topics can then be moved to said subforum (Like the ValiDate thread). Though, then again, we do have a games forum, so maybe a YandereDev subforum can suffice for now.

Prophetic Spirit

Dumb of Dojima at its finest
The only reason to create a subforum is as an asylum-like containment. When the 'tism starts to spill and fuck up the website, then it's time probably.
Well... makes sense; in 4chan exists those descontainment boards for something; why don't we have at least official one? I mean, sending that subforum to Spergaroty or something more unique?