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Abby, is well known for her extreme devotion to Nightmare Before Christmas and old cringey "rap" videos she used to make.

Now onto when she shaved her head (and eventually eyebrows) I don't have very much and no one seemed to save the two cringey rap videos she made that literally blew up on facebook
(BTW!!! she did it cause she wanted to look more like Jack Skellington)

Screen_Shot_2017-04-27_at_7.34.10_PM.thumb.png.c6f600882f0c15487f7786d3af07fef1.png 18033004_1946517458964680_820705935951213111_n.thumb.jpg.9806178fee0b4d6367c7016d4b4bbce9.jpg 18193923_1027361107394079_951232425101255186_n.thumb.jpg.490860dc7ac94dd0efe7c931a4384edb.jpg 18198341_1026896510773872_7958021327324026829_n.thumb.jpg.940b9d66a6f45614ad6ac930545d5e37.jpg 18157063_1026372950826228_3605178496407394562_n.thumb.jpg.bcc6bd3259318c27369bdf311090e481.jpg 18119195_10212029914124802_7241806457606740686_n.thumb.jpg.acab4a5973903699d0c7e7c05b57d82b.jpg 18157596_1026970674099789_3877612514858281038_n.thumb.jpg.29c32ea6291694cb75fa09c045958da4.jpg 18157852_1025657130897810_3053559941515785076_n.thumb.jpg.6c06cefba06cf156fc5fb75ffaf1ed73.jpg 18118474_1026987034098153_8999093787067082900_n.thumb.jpg.db10dee531e73a18387aba1457ab0b59.jpg 18010546_1022083367921853_3998097047258507485_n.thumb.jpg.777b451ba3a67bccff662ec7b5af947d.jpg proxy.png 18119561_1027487010714822_6198506857569011725_n.thumb.jpg.7e815eff2dd2439c0aa75311ca46edcd.jpg 18057227_1024314577698732_4882067156690240232_n.thumb.jpg.8d48d97dcd7aa158ebd369f77c270392.jpg Screen_Shot_2017-04-27_at_7.34.29_PM.thumb.png.e04a63aaf6c13e3d173622d170f82473.png
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looking through her friends list i found
William Berkebile
im not sure if they are dating, but his cover photo is a picture of abby with the words "willies girl".


I'm horrified by the color of teeth.... and no its not the filter because look at his gauges and her phone case. thats a shade of yellow that teeth should never be.
okay never mind it does say they are in a relationship and have been since last summer.
ill do this later, but i suggest if anyone has time or is looking for more cows, their friends list is a FUCKING GOLD MINE
i googled his name and every single William Berkebile that pops up is dead. so thats a dead end(ha!)
ok so it seems that virtually every Berkebile is from Pennsylvania so i do think it might be his father thats poping up as the dead guy or maybe his cousin because it doesn't say that the dead William Berkebile had any children. but then again i wouldn't claim this kid as mine so who knows.

abby's mom seems so nice and sweet and normal, i wonder what happened



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What the hell is that horrible tattoo on her chest? Also. Emo is dead. Scene is the dream that once was. And Nightmare Before Christmas was cool years ago, and Hot Topic ruined it. Plus....

Poor dog looks like it is being violated by an emo plush toy.